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First Time Snorkelling Tips - Explore the World Hidden Away

Snorkelling is undisputedly one of the most interesting activities that one can do to explore the hidden treasures and marine life in the ocean.


Where to go snorkelling

When you plan a trip to Sri Lanka you make arrangements and plans to try out various kinds of water sports. Among a range of different water sports, snorkelling gets a special place as there are many locations around the island that are perfect for snorkelling. If you have come to the island on work and do not have much time to travel to the south or east coast to go snorkelling you can schedule to fly to the destination with an air taxi. Sri Lanka although a small island takes times to travel within the island. If you plan ahead and arrange plans with Cinnamon Air you are able to tend to your business meetings and add some time to relax and enjoy.


Swimming skills

Most of the time when you go to a tropical island you will be told that you do not need to be able to swim to go snorkelling. This is only partially true as you need to be able to at least float to be able to go snorkelling. Swimming is similar to riding a bicycle. You will get better each and every time you practise. So even if you are not very good the more you practise the better you will be at swimming which will be easier when you go snorkelling.


Good quality equipment

Good quality equipment makes a huge difference when you go snorkelling. Since you do not have a lot of gear to put on when you go snorkelling the few items that you do use, need to be of good quality. If you are carrying your own equipment then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If you are planning to rent the gear from a local shop from a near-by location you need to know how to select the right sizes and the good equipment.


Choosing the mask the snorkel and the fins

When selecting the mask it is important to find a wide mask that covers your nose preventing you from inhaling any water when you are underwater. There are some masks that come with full face coverage which is great or beginners. It is important to check that there is suction around the mask with silicone which will keep the mask in place. If you have the option, be mindful to pick a mask that can hold the snorkel in place for you. The snorkel makes it easier for you to exhale when you are underwater. Some snorkels have valves in them, making it easier to surface and submerge while snorkelling. Fins are not essential when snorkelling but they definitely make it easier. It is best to start wearing fins if you are a beginner so you get used to them with time. The longer the fins the easier to swim around in the ocean.



There is a tendency to ignore or avoid sunblock when going sunbathing as we tend to feel it would not be necessary since you will be submerged in the water majority of the time. However, it is absolutely important to wear sunblock before you start the activity.