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Resources for Self-Evaluation

After your first marketing push, take some time to evaluate. Ignore the tremendous success or epic failure you experienced, and go into this evaluation objectively. It's a crucial time to learn.

The Don't Quit Poem

This poem is perfect for someone post-marketing-push.

Unwrap Your Infinite Greatness

Inside is a list of Les Brown's thought-provoking motivational quotes.

War of Work

It's human nature to look for the easy way out. We dream of the "big break" that will carry us away from our current troubles forever. This article takes the stance that a single day is what matters. That money and recognition come and go, but your desk and your work remain.

Get Clear on the Problem

Keith J. Cunningham's Teaching Tips - What IS the problem?

Effective Ways To Track Customer Satisfaction

Whether feedback is positive or negative, your willingness to recognize it and respond proactively can help transform one-time buyers into loyal lifelong clients.

How to Make the Most of Customer Feedback

A guide to help businesses determine why gathering customer feedback is important, how to get customer feedback, and what to do with that feedback once you have it.

The Secret Behind Successful Entrepreneurs: Compartmentalization

Here are 5 steps of compartmentalization and essentially a five-step system for dealing with adversity and extreme challenges while running a business.

How to Avoid Emotional Interference Making Business Decisions

Passion and emotion create the tension that gets an entrepreneur moving and keeps them pressing forward during difficult times. Introducing logic to a business decision provides perspective and a healthy dose of reality.

How To Determine The Proper Sample Size

How do you find the right number to get valid results? In today’s blog post, we break down the math you need to find out what really works with your customers.