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Top 7 Dishes in Malaysia - Delightful Malaysian Must-Try Dishes

If you are travelling to Malaysia you are bound to go shopping and exploring. If you do not try some of the food in Malaysia then you haven't enjoyed your trip to the fullest.


Roti Canai

If you love Parata then Roti Canai is for you. The dish has been developed to become a popular breakfast and street food. The roti is first twisted, then made into a flatbread and then grilled to make it nice and brown on the outside and chewy and soft on the inside. With the different influences and development in time, there are many different varieties of Roti Canai as you can now find the Roti with different fillings such as eggs or curry.


Nasi lemak

Dorsett Grand Labuan is known to serve one of the best Nasi Lemak dishes in the area. The traditional dish includes a portion of rice, sprats, peanuts, cucumber, sambal which is a spicy sauce and a boiled egg. This is one of the main dishes in Malaysia and is loved equally by locals and foreigners. Nasi Lemak is a dish that can be found anywhere and everywhere in Malaysia.



If you love skewers then you are bound to like Satay. The delightful part in Satay is the peanut sauce that is either given separately or is dipped into before serving. You can find a variety of meat from chicken, pork, beef, mutton and even combinations of these at most of the street food stalls. The peanut sauce has also developed with time to be spicy with chillies or plain traditional peanut sauce.


Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh is one of the most popular soup dishes available in Malaysia. It contains pork, garlic, tofu, mushrooms and herbs which are put together into one bowl and simmered for several hours to bring it to the right mix. The dish is eaten with rice or noodles and is one of the most common dishes in the households.


Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar is a rice and curry combination but the speciality of the dish is that the curries are made together and then poured over the rice. The name closely translates to flooding rice. There are many varieties of dishes to select from if you would like to try various flavours of Nasi Kandar.



Cendol is the perfect solution for the humid tropical weather as it is a delightful dessert that is freely available at street food carts in Malaysia. There are four main ingredients in the delicacy and they are the green jelly made of rice flour, palm sugar and shaved ice. This is the unofficial national dessert in Malaysia and a must-try dish. This is a popular street-side food and also commonly found in restaurants in Labuan


Asam Pedas

Asam Pedas is a dish that consists of fish which is prepared in a sour and spicy manner and served with rice, similar to many other dishes in Malaysia. The main ingredients include tamarind, chillies, shallots, belacan and fish of your choice. Traditionally the fish that are most commonly used are stingray and Spanish Mackerel. Being able to get the right balance of the two flavours is the most important part of the dish.