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Headline for Is Sri Lanka Safe for Solo Woman Traveller - Sri Lankan Travel Tips for Solo Female Tourists
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Is Sri Lanka Safe for Solo Woman Traveller - Sri Lankan Travel Tips for Solo Female Tourists

As one of Asia's most popular tourist hotspots, Sri Lanka is a dream destination for most travellers. Here are some tips for solo female travellers heading to the paradise isle.


Reach Out for Help

Renowned for its hospitality and friendly populace, Sri Lankans will be more than willing to offer helpful information when one is lost or in need of local know-how. As in any new country, the locals know best so don't be afraid to talk to passersby, shopkeepers, commuters or even students when travelling around the country as most understand and are conversant in English.


Use Public Transport

As a solo female traveller, using taxicabs and other transport options such as rental cars is not recommended unless one has a local travel partner. Use inexpensive and crowded heavy public transport options such as buses and trains as the island is not only well-connected via these transport networks and female travellers should look for strength in numbers when venturing outside of the town area. When using local three-wheelers, refrain from using unmetered tuk-tuks as the cost as well as the drivers are infamous for swindling tourists.


Select Reputed Hotels

Sri Lanka is home to countless accommodation options from guesthouses, homestays and hotels to five-star resorts. Regardless of one's budget, female travellers should try to stay in reputed hotels when exploring the island. Look for establishments with a good track record by checking online reviews. Whether it's the Earl's Regent Hotel or any similar Kandy hotel or a heritage hotel in Galle, the higher end and better-known hotel chains offer secure accommodation and facilities when compared to guest houses and 1-star hotels run by families and various individuals.


Dress Conservatively

Although it is not necessary to dress conservatively at all times, minding how you dress is important in a Buddhist nation such as Sri Lanka. This is especially true when travelling in public transport and visiting religious points of interest such as Buddhist temples, Hindu shrines and ancient ruins of temples and palaces. Wearing white when visiting sacred spots is also recommended while wearing shorts and t-shirts is acceptable in everyday sightseeing activities. Those with tattoos of religious figures should also try and cover up with a shawl or a jacket as it can land one in hot water in certain sections of Sri Lankan society and the law in some cases.


Avoid Night-Time Excursions Alone

While travelling and enjoying nighttime excursions is a part of every holiday, female travellers visiting the island should refrain from engaging in clubbing activities and spending time in similar venues alone. This not only attracts unwarranted attention but can also result in unsavoury experiences. Try to arrive back at the hotel during a decent hour to experience a safe holiday in Sri Lanka unless one is accompanied by a local companion or a group of travellers.


Inform Loved Ones of Your Location and Whereabouts

Regardless of the duration of the holiday, female visitors should take care to let loved ones back home know of their whereabouts at least every few days. Whether it's by sharing photographs via online chat services or making a phone call, make sure at least one person knows of your location during the vacation.