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Smart Sight Innovations | Website, Mobile App, CRM, Database Development Company

Smartsight is a pre-eminent IT company that outperforms in providing website, mobile applications (Android and iOS), CRM, database, eCommerce development solutions


Here’re Details And Solutions For Five Data Warehouse Migration Challenges

In this era of #bigdata, #datawarehousing and #businessintelligence help in generating actionable insights that play a critical role in decision making. So, a lot of insights need to focus on before starting the #datamigration process. Here’re details and solutions for five of the most common challenges that firms might face while performing data #datawarehousemigration procedure.


#AI-based #CRMsoftware will help in providing qualitative and quantitative #analysis of the data collected for further product development and #marketingcampaigns. In addition to your business benefiting from #ArtificialIntelligence, it is also effective in managing your relations with your customers

What Are The Key Advantages Of Using CRM Software In Educational Institutions?

Why Opt For CRM When The Institute Already Has An Erp System Deployed?
Both solutions have multiple similarities, and features do overlap in some areas. But, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) focuses more on building relationships, while ERP solutions are programmed to work towards optimizing the use of existing resources by streamlining business processes.

It is of common knowledge that CRMs are designed to work like social apps. Thus, they offer personalized communication tools enabling institutions to create high-touch relationships with prospects, affiliates, donors, alumni. The system also improves parent-teacher, parent-student communication.

CRMs for educational institutions are designed to assist and manage several micro-processes between alumni’s inquiry to enrollment procedures. Handling questions from applicants, managing students’ communication, sending notifications concerning admission, and generating reports about the same for the management are some of them.

A reputed CRM development company can offer customized CRM solutions that integrate with the institution’s existing ERP and other software.

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No doubt, almost every sector is witnessing the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Due to these changes, job markets around the world are set to change. The existing workforce, as well as job aspirants, should be ready to embrace these and other technologies for remaining professionally relevant. Read more on the blog

Here Are Few Tips to Be More Efficient in Inventory Management in Tally in 2020

Tally ERP 9 software has a superb inventory management module that lives up to expectations. However, you can use its standard inventory control or opt for Tally customization that helps you do it more efficiently. Here are a few tips to improve efficiency in inventory management in Tally for 2020.

A Detailed Guide about Data Allocation in Distributed Database Design

Ensuring a successful database management system, it is vital to carefully work out a strategy to align the data requirements and business agenda of your organization. Hiring the services of a database development company can be of great help in creating and implementing database solutions.

What Are The Data Security Features Offered By Tally ERP 9? Do Users Need To Take Additional Measures?

Tally ERP 9 is one of India’s most respected business management software for accounting, payroll, banking, GST, and inventory management. Tally Solutions offer security updates to all its free and premium products.

Is IoT Technology Really Transforming The Construction Industry?

Just like other industries, even the construction sector is leveraging the IoT (Internet of Things) technology’s transformative power for minimizing costs and improving the efficiency of various machines. Making the construction process efficient helps firms in increasing profitability. Here’s how IoT devices are helping companies in developing the construction process and minimizing waste.

Here’s how CRM plays a crucial role in automating sales processes

Every CRM offers essential marketing, sales, and email automation features. But, firms can save a significant amount of money and time by including even more advanced automation functions in the CRM system. Here’re five CRM features that can prove to be a lifesaver for the sales team.

How Can CRM Systems Contribute To The Growth Of Small And Midsize Businesses?

CRM software due to financial constraints. Thanks to advanced cloud-based, customizable CRM solutions, even SMBs can afford them. Here’s how customer relationship management systems are changing the way these businesses run.

What are the inventory features in Tally?

It would be enough to state that the excellent user interface, inventory features in Tally ERP 9, GST updates and all other relevant attributes that a big, small or any medium-sized business needs can very well be handled and managed by Tally Invoice Customization Tool provided by Smart Sight Innovations.

Six IoT Applications That People Come Across In Everyday Life » Smart Sight Innovations

There are several other real-time applications of IoT. Are you searching for a firm that offers IoT app development services? If so, you should connect with engineers from Smart Sight Innovations and discuss your project.

How Is IoT Technology Aiding In Public Safety Efforts?

Are you searching for an IoT solutions company that has experience in providing #IoTapplication development services to clients from various sectors? You should discuss your project with Smart Sight Innovations. The company has developed #IoTsolutions for healthcare, e-commerce, automobile, and FMCG sector clients.

Tally Vault in Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software

#TallyERP9 is an encryption accounting software used to protect the confidential files of a company‏. ERP 9 is famously known as #TallyVault. It offers several different features from small businesses to big ones. EPR 9 is the latest version of the software released in 2006‏. It records all business transactions to assure minimal errors, like double entries‏. With the feature of #customizationinTally, it provides a complete solution to different types of business organizations.

How is IoT Technology Helping In Protecting The Environment?

The best way to maximize the current environmental protection efforts is by leveraging the #InternetofThings (#IOT). #IoTnetworks are helping agencies in monitoring and #combatingpollution, #protectingwildlife, and reducing wastage in various parts of the world. Are you searching for a reputed firm that provides reliable IoT development services? Smart Sight Innovations has developed IoT applications for the construction sector, lifestyle brands, and the transport and logistics industry.