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The Best Floor to Live On in an Apartment Building - For a just choice

Picking an apartment to rent and live in has quite a few factors in play and if you want to know how to decide which floor you want to live on, read on.


The noise of the city below

Most apartments nowadays come with a standard level of soundproofing that keeps the outside noise away from your home and choosing a floor will also play a major part in how much noise gets into your house. If you choose the apartments in one of the topmost floors then you will have to deal with relatively less of both the noise outside on the roads and the noise of people walking in-and-out of the building.


Neighbourly noise

If you choose to stay in the middle you will not be exposed to a lot of the street noise but you will be exposed to the noise of neighbours and hallway traffic. Obviously, when living on the bottom floor you will have access to both the outside traffic and hallway traffic noise. The advantage of living on the bottom floor though is that you banging your pots and pans in the middle of the night or dropping things will not disturb anyone as there will be nobody living below you.


Access to the apartment

Living on the topmost floor of a building certainly does have its benefits when it comes to the view but, you must check if you have a lift to get yourself up-and-down the house. Especially if you have elders in the family, choosing a place with the lift is a must when you choose to live on the topmost floors. If you are choosing apartments in Sri Lanka that have amazing views and lifts for all floors, then places the likes of TRI-ZEN will be apt. If your apartment does not have a lift, then choosing one of the bottom floors is a better idea.


Electricity bills

The topmost floors in a building are the ones that get the most sunlight and therefore will be the ones that get heated up most during the summer. On the contrary, the bottom-most flows will get colder the fastest during the winter therefore if you want consistency in your electricity bills the best thing to do is to pick an apartment in the middle floor.


Bugs and other insects

If you do not want to have the mess of killing bugs and spraying insecticide around your home then it is better to choose an apartment in the topmost floor as this means you will have fewer visits from such creatures. The insects tend to live on the trees and the ground so they are more likely to enter homes that are closer to their flying distance. On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to have a backyard and not just a balcony it is better to go for the ground floor apartments as some of the buildings offer backyards if you choose houses closer to the ground.

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