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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 23, 2019
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5 Ways To Invest In Real Estate Without Buying Property - Surface level investment ideas

Did you know that you could invest in real estate without actually buying any property? If you are as shocked about this revelation as the next person who is new to the industry, read on to know more.


Investing in the real estate ETF

The ETF which is also the exchange-traded fund is a collection of bonds or stocks and is quite similar to mutual funds. If you want to invest in real estate but don't want to actually buy any property then investing in real estate ETF can be a solution for you. Take a look at Colombo city apartments the likes of TRI-ZEN for instance. If you want to invest in the ETF and not in the actual property you can always check up with the construction companies.


Investing in real estate mutual funds

Just like point number one, you can also put some money into real estate mutual funds. Experts in the industry say that real estate mutual funds are the in thing to do right now because of its extremely low costs and track records of success so far. There are many well-versed strategies to make this of any investment and such strategies have been researched by many award-winning economists. As always, do your research and speak to experienced people who have attempted this in the past before you place your money in real estate mutual funds.


Investing in REIT

Putting your money in REIT is the same as investing in ITF for real estate, and mutual funds. This form of investment also lets you be a part of the real estate industry without actually buying a physical property. People invest in this because of the various opportunities it offers. This also allows you to know what it is like to be in real estate without actually being a landlord.


Invest in a company that is focused on real estate

If you don't want to get into the dynamics of stocks and mutual funds you could always invest in a firm that owns or manages real estate. The only difference in doing this is that you will have to find a trustworthy firm as such and you might also get lower profits than directly investing like in the above-said points. A real estate focused company can be anything from timeshare companies to real estate developers and hotels. Make sure you do apt research before you invest in the said company stocks. Take a look at the company's historical data, stock history, and other important details.


Home construction investing

The real estate market in Sri Lanka has seen major growth over the last 10 years or so and, therefore, it is pretty easy for you to pick and choose a home construction to invest in. This growth also predicts a further and higher growth that might come up in the next few years. Investing in the construction side of the real estate market will definitely be a smart decision.

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