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Headline for Best Places for Shopping in Tunis – The Holy-grail for you eager shoppers!
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Best Places for Shopping in Tunis – The Holy-grail for you eager shoppers!

Be it the cutest trinket to jog the memories you've made in Tunis, or an iconic fridge magnet to frill up a lazy Friday morning when you'd rather be gawking at the charming Sidi Bou Said Village rather than go to work, here's a guide to finding your 'charms' before hopping back on that plane!


The Ed Dar

This is as hip as any souvenir shop could get in a lifetime; filled with rugs, woven accessories, exquisite ceramics, bohemian textiles, and antique musical gear, this store is a wonderland for those of you antique collectors. It's a traditional fixer-upper 15th-century residence with up-winding tiled stairs and an intact kitchen nodding to the authenticity of the establishment.


La Maison de L'Artisan

Top-quality Tunisn handicrafts including Babouches (traditional slippers), scarves, ceramics copperware, perfumes and even artisan jewellery on display in the side salons of this fine funduq (transformed roadside inn) is bound to be the most bountiful and aesthetic display you will ever see! You can not only snag the most elegant looking tit-bits as gifts for your loved ones; you shall, by all means, go crazy on your personal shopping frenzy! Do not pass up the chance to indulge in some of the classic Tunise dishes served up at their tearoom, so artistically plated you would hesitate to dig in!



This place would sell itself had it been known as one of the best 'Tunis attractions' because true to the title, this is a true jewel in its mere existence. They are one of the pioneers in the plush 'carton' furniture trend and the first designer of the kind in Africa. Their impressive collection comprises of a range of astoundingly resilient as well as eco-friendly cardboard furniture as well as personal accessories, clothing and jewellery from a bunch of other known designers. The best part about shopping with Jolla is that you can rest at peace knowing you have contributed to a charitable foundation towards ecological products.



A rather interesting kind of store, which we believe brings your experience at Tunis out best to your friends and loved ones as gifts, their food traditions! This upmarket store is special as they sell dates au naturale, stuffed with pistachio paste and dried apricots, or covered in sesame seeds; a classic natural, healthy and sweet snack representative of some of the best flavours of Tunis! Their assorted collections of similar Tunise delicacies make for an excellent giveaway! Just when you think stuffed dates were all the hype, you would be flabbergasted by their locally produced collection of date soaps, olive oils and olive pastes!



Located en-route to Gammarth this boutique is famous for stocking a wide range of products from toiletries and artsy hand-towels to genuine leather products and artisan jewellery manufactured in Tunisia and marketed under the renowned Paris-based brand 'Amarante'. It is also famous for its range of organic perfumes and skincare products. Their produce will most certainly set you back a few many bucks, but definitely worth it! The store is located in the neighbourhood of many star-class resorts, for instance, The Residence Tunis by Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts and will, therefore, be within easy reach!

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