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Traditional Qatari Dishes You Must Try - Traditional flavours of Qatar

The best thing about travelling is being able to taste the delightful traditional food in different cities and countries you visit. Here is a list of traditional mouthwatering food in Qatar.



Definitely the most popular dish in Qatar. This dish can also be found in many households on a daily basis. Making the dish traditionally requires time and effort and the flavours are acquired through that process. The vegetables and the rice are made together and the spices are added to give flavour. The meat or seafood is cooked separately until they are ready to be combined. Once the two separate dishes are ready the rice is served and the meat is served over it.



Similar to what is known as porridge in the west, Harees is a similar dish. The ingredients, which include ground meat, wheat, vegetables and butter are boiled together. This is a very popular dish during the Holy Month of Ramadan as it is known to be full of nutrients.



Thareed is a type of one-pot dish where everything is made together. The ingredients generally include vegetables such as carrots, beets, potatoes, eggplant and mixed with chicken, lamb or mutton. In order to add flavour to the bread when the dish is being served the bread is placed right at the bottom so that the flavours will sink into the bread making it nice and soft.



A popular breakfast but at Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli it is served as a mouthwatering dessert. This dish has contrasting flavours in it, as the fried vermicelli noodles are made with sugar, saffron, cinnamon and cardamom and an omelette is placed on top to balance the flavours. Balaleet is a dish that can be commonly found in many street food stalls as well since it is a delightful snack.



Arabic food is generally not that spicy, but this dish stands out from the rest due to its spicy flavours. There is a lot of tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes and carrots used in the broth along with the meat of your choice. It can be eaten as a soup on its own or as an accompaniment for rice.



One of the most popular dishes that can be found in Qatar as it is a healthy dish with all the vitamins, minerals and proteins. The vegetables are boiled together with the tenderised meat and then allowed to simmer on the stove till the flavours blend perfectly. This stew-like dish is generally eaten with fresh bread. Most restaurants in Wakra are known to serve a delightful Margoog



Madrouba is a dish that requires pre-preparation time as there is quite a lot of work that goes prior to putting the dish together. The meat is boiled and then stewed with beans and the other vegetables, then mixed in order to make it a thick sauce. The rice is cooked with milk, butter and other spices finally the meat is poured on top



This is one of the most popular desserts and street food in Qatar. It is basically a deep-fried dough that is dipped in sugar syrup or honey allowing the batter to soak up the flavour. Luqaimat means 'bite-sized' in Arabic and it makes perfect sense as you want to keep grabbing for more.