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Headline for 6 Maldives festivals to make your vacation more exciting- A deeper essence of the culture of the Maldives
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6 Maldives festivals to make your vacation more exciting- A deeper essence of the culture of the Maldives

Travelling places is irrefutably, most certainly about witnessing the exquisite of places like you have never experienced before. Just as much as postcard-perfect views count for this, beholding the true sense of culture depicted in treasured celebrations ups the thrill to a whole new level!


A Glympse

As many beaches as you could possibly find in the blissful Maldives, you will also encounter the bling of events around the year. As per the fact that the country is a prodigiously Muslim country, the ceremonies essentially evolve around principles of Islam.


Bodu Eid

This is a celebration following the Eid after the Hajj day and its significance is derived with the importance surrounding the Hajj festival; the renowned pilgrimage of the Muslim devotees to their holy city of Mecca. On the day, islanders gather together and fishermen bring in their glorious captures for the day using woven palm leaves. You do not want to miss out on the Maali Neshun, a form of dance performed by a group of people with painted bodies to resemble ghosts setting the backdrop of the legend of Bodu Eid!



Ramadan celebrations typically fall around the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and are often post a prolonged period of intense fasting, prayer, self-reflection and charity engagements spanning around 30 days. The best thing about this time in the Maldives is the striking platter of exclusive festive foods that you will be able to solace on. You could tuck in for an Iftar (evening meal to break fast) and pig out to your heart's content and if you're lucky, be blown away by the chilling moves of the exotic belly dancers and fire dancers. Maldives luxury resorts have got you covered for your hearty meals and entertainment during this festive period of time! Renowned chic hotels like The Residence Maldives are known for their festive seasonal welcomes and the graceful experience of such holidays that they render to their treasured visitors.


Eid-Ul Fithr

Also known as Kuda Eid, this celebration marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of the 1st day of Shawaal. It's a more familial celebration and involves charity engagements, special sermons followed by locals visit their friends and family to dine together and spend quality time. The celebrations could run up to consecutive three days and will also host a lot of traditional festive games.


Prophet's Birthday

Mawlid (the birth of the Prophet) is celebrated in the month of Rabee-Ul-Awwal (3rd month) and is all the glory you can imagine. It is celebrated carnival style in all flaring colours, exotic decorations and accompanied by recitals of famous Sufi poems by scholars and poets. This is, in fact, a spectacular ceremony to witness with a sense of giving and sharing overhauling your heart.



Also known as Eid al Adha, this is a festival observed as the feast of sacrifice, stemming from the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his adored son Ishmael to Allah. An animal sacrifice is customary which is later prepared to be feasted upon by the less fortunate. In addition to that, it is also customary to have prayers, gift exchanges, and most importantly, indulgence in delicacies cooked with a pinch of love and kindness sitting by the side of family and friends. Going an extra mile, the Maldivians literally 'go to town' with an emulsion of street carnivals and a bright lot of other cultural events to celebrate this day.


Republic Day of Maldives

It is certainly no 4th of July, but every year the 11th of November sees the commemoration of establishing the republican government of Maldives in 1968. Undoubtedly, the special Republic Day foods such as the huni hakuru folhi (a traditional coconut cake), and masroshi (a fish-pancake) will certainly bring the fireworks to your tastebuds!