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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 22, 2019
Headline for 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kalutara - The must-visit the town in Sri Lanka
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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kalutara - The must-visit the town in Sri Lanka

Kalutara is usually overlooked compared to the other touristy parts of Sri Lanka. To know why you must include this place in your trip itinerary, read on.


The Kalutara temple

This white temple looks over the far end of the bridge and for many, it is a sign that you are entering the town of Kalutara. Owning 2 sides of Galle road this hollow temple is full of history and culture and is also one of the most religious and most visited pilgrimage locations on the island. You can drop donations in the road site tills available and also ask for blessings and a safe journey on your way past it. Explore the vintage art found inside one of the world's rare hollow temples and across the road, you will also be able to enjoy a gentle breeze by the riverside. While you enjoy the breeze note that you will be standing under the holy Bo tree that grows along the banks of the Kalu River.


The Ayurveda treatments and experiences

Most Kalutara hotels the likes of Mermaid Hotel & Club offer treatments within its massage centres. For the ultimate and most rejuvenating kind of therapy it's best you go for the Ayurveda treatment Sri Lanka has to offer. This is an ancient, holistic treatment that has been brought down from over 2000 years ago. This treatment promises to balance your entire being and also rejuvenate you. Most tourists choose to have one such treatment done while they stay at the resorts as they want a holiday that ends with utter relaxation so they can return back home as a new and revitalized human being. Do ensure that you book yourself one such treatment while you are in Kalutara or exploring the town.


Check out the Richmond castle

This is an old Edwardian style palace built by a rich old Sri Lankan aristocratic person. You will be able to see that he spared no expense while building this amazing complex which house imported timber and the chandeliers hanging inside of it belong to a palace far far away. Walk through the humongous rooms, the amazing gardens and the general arena which today is under the care of a trust fund as the owner who built this palace originally has no relatives to pass it on to.


The Madu Ganga river safari

If you are staying at one of the hotels close to Kalutara, this river safari is a must. Ganga directly translates to the river. These safaris are a fascinating and relaxing trip where you can enjoy the sights of exotic wildlife like monitor lizards, fish and birds while you stop at the little islands or even stick your foot into the water for some free fish nibble therapy.


Take a look at the sea turtle sanctuary

A short distance away from the town of Kalutara, you will be able to find a lot of sea turtle sanctuaries. These reserves fight to protect these endangered species by housing the eggs and turtles in many stages of their life. You can take yourself out on a turtle walk which happens during the nights to explore the beaches and find the eggs to be brought in to safety.