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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 22, 2019
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Top 5 traditional Japanese drinks - The healthy beverages you can opt for when in Japan!

Japanese drinks are becoming increasingly popular. If you're looking to try out the traditional drinks of Japan, make sure not to miss out on these five!



Aojiru is loosely translated into meaning 'great juice' or 'green drink'. This is quite evident when you receive your order, you will get a clear glass having a very green concoction. The colour is predominantly due to the addition of kale and other greens like green tea leaves and barley grass. This drink became very popular in 1943 when Dr Niro Endo invented it and claimed that this magic potion cured his spouse's nephritis and also his child's pneumonia. The drink has a very rich content of minerals and vitamins, making it very healthy. Although the taste might not be very forthcoming, you might want to drink it anyway as it's very healthy.



The Sakura tea is inspired by a Japanese decorative image of the cherry blossom. The tea has a good blend of sweet and floral notes. This drink is not only rejuvenating but has various benefits for your skin. The tea is typically prepared with pickled cherry blossom in some plum vinegar. Research has also shed light on the fact that the extracts of the cherry bloom in the tea help one's immune system, thereby increasing health and longevity. The tea is also served at local weddings in Japan. Besides, if you are looking for serviced apartments in Tokyo for accommodation, you can try checking out properties like Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo, which is centrally located.



Hoppy is another healthy non-alcoholic beverage which you can taste in Japan. This drink tastes like beer and was developed by the Kokuha Beverage Company. During its preparation, a distilled beverage is also added for it to taste better. During World War I, the Hoppy was not something that could be afforded by the commoner. Studies have also stated that Hoppy is a drink that can help you with seasonal illnesses and respiratory issues, which eventually lead to bronchitis and pneumonia.



Make sure to grab a Matcha Latte when having your morning breakfast when in Japan. This s another non-alcoholic drink that is made out of matcha green tea and milk. The taste might be a bit bitter. Having said that, the addition of the milk neutralises its strong taste. You can either have it cold or hot. The drink is packed with antioxidants and thus, scientists have attested to the fact that the drink might disrupt cancer progressive properties and help one attain a healthy heart.



Ryokucha in the Japanese language means steamed green tea. 'Ryoku' is translated into meaning green and 'cha' into meaning tea. There are various brands of green tea which varies in its bitter taste in Japan. Having said that, the Ryokucha boasts of having high nutritious value and antioxidants. This will reap health benefits you can only dream of. The tea is also known to relax and calm your mind. It is also known to aid in weight loss too.