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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Top 10 reasons to become a Graphic designer – To prod you with 10 inducements

If you are a student bandying with the idea whether or not you should become a graphic designer, and you'd like more information on the matter before making a decision, you need to carry on reading!


You'll be learning daily

Graphic designing is a field challenged by some sort of novelty and new way of doing things every day. So, if you are a graphic designer, learning will be a part of your everyday life. Every day you'll be faced with a new challenge, and you'll be wanting to know how to vault over it. The field of graphic designing is a never-ending learning curve that'll constantly keep you on your toes.


Designing will never be obsolete

The world has gone into an era of automation, and you're forewarned that your current job will be taken over by artificial intelligence, which is an unmistakable possibility. But graphic designing requires you to be creative, and creativity isn't something that could be left in the hands of robots, so to speak. Therefore, whatever changes the job market goes through, you can be sure that the field of designing will always be wanting the human touch.


It entails so many other career paths

Designing is an art that's incorporated into every other industry, while it's a vocation in itself, if you are a designer, you can embark upon more than one career path — dreaming of working for a major publisher or a reputed sports brand? Whatever your chosen industry is, if you are well versed in designing, your skills will come in handy.


It'll hone your problem-solving skills

When advertising, most of the graphic design courses in Sri Lanka or any other country, they put more emphasis on the problem-solving skills as one of the things a course delivers. It is true enough considering how designing goes hand in hand with liberal arts and humanities. In addition to meeting with your client's requirement, you are compelled to pore over the bigger picture and ask yourself questions in order to decipher the purpose of your project. You'll be exposed to a different set of questions with every new project, and the process of answering those questions will undoubtedly polish up your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


You'll be part of a homogenous team

The nature of designing is such that there's isn't a moment when you are left alone with a project. Solo projects are rare, and you'll always be included in a group of people with a set of skills that's similar to yours. You'll be exposed to newer methods, new ideas and you'll share in the pool of skills converged by your teammates.


There isn't a strict dress code

Remember when you walked into Academy of Design or any other institute donning something casual? Well, your dress code won't change much just because you've entered into the world of business; you'll be swerving among trainers, t-shirts and jeans.


Unpredictability is another way of describing the industry

Think you can fixate yourself in just one place? There's no chance of that – graphic designing is a skill required by almost every organisation. You can either work in a studio locally, or you could travel to a far corner of the world and secure a job there.


You'll dazzle in the limelight

The pang of pride you get whenever your display of creativity is praised; it'll be a sensation you have to get accustomed to once you are a graphic designer. Your work will be out there for others to see


You'll gain a new perspective

Once you are part and parcel of the industry, you'll start to view the world differently. Wherever you look, you'll see something that'd inspire your next project, and you'll practically live your job.


Inspiration will always lurk around

Once you've got the hang of the job, it's not too long before you find it to be a little monotonous and tedious. But as a designer, you can't afford not to be inspired at all times; the inspiration is the fuel you will run on.

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