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Facts about Fly Boarding in the Maldives - A Mini-Guide for a Beginner

Water sports is one of the most fun things to do while you are on a vacation in the Maldives. Of all the exciting water sports to partake in, fly boarding is a new and adventurous thing that travellers nowadays are looking at.


About flyboarding

Fly boarding is a fun and exciting water sport that is a combination of a jet skiing and wake boarding that lets you fly high above the ocean like superman and even dive way into the waters like a dolphin. Experienced guides will make sure you are safe whether you are above the water underneath and will give you tips and advice on how to start flying once you get on the board. When staying at the best resorts in Maldives for families the likes of Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort, you will be able to arrange a flyboarding session with no hassle at all.


History of Flyboarding and how it came to be

Invented in the year 2012 by an avid French water sports person, this design lets you climb out of the water and be stable in the air and also lets you go underwater and come back out with no hassle. Attached to a personal watercraft, this is designed so that the watercraft follows behind the fly boarder's trial, allowing the rider multiple degrees and levels of freedom, even letting them go under the water whenever they desire. The person who is on the flyboard is secured to it by bindings that are similar to a wakeboard and this person is then propelled with water jets that affixed below the flyboard in the device. This device floats on water for added safety. The fact that it floats on water also lets the rider take a few breaks in between the jumps and dives.


Fly boarding in the movies

The first fly boarding scene and the stunts were done in a Bollywood movie by Hrithik Roshan. The name of the movie was Bang Bang. Though the movie was not a great hit, this scene sure was!


Where to flyboard

If you are on a holiday in the Maldives, some of the most popular resorts in the Maldives do offer fly boarding activities as a part of their sports packages. Sports centres also offer these activities for their guests. Checking a website or a local Maldives blog for more information about fly boarding before your vacation would be a good idea. If you are booking the Maldives holiday with the help of a tour agent, you can add this to your list of activities.


Tips for fly boarding

Some of the things you might have to remember while on the water on a flyboard is to swim away from the craft that is carrying you into the water so as to avoid accidents. Always keep your leg straight under you and never bend them as this would cause an imbalance. When you want to dive into the water and go underneath, make sure your hands above your head. Also, to move up-and-down and to go backwards and forward move your toes up-and-down.