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Top 6 Advanced Snorkelling Tips - Overnight Pro Knowledge

Snorkelling is a much-loved activity for the travellers visiting the Maldives; to snorkel safe and have a great time, keep these pro tips in mind.



It is a must to keep tabs on the current and its changes on the off chance that you are an avid swimmer visiting the Maldives. Always remember to swim with the flow of current. Wave speeds change depending upon the tide and may change as influenced by high tide or season. This is a major factor to remember, particularly if you are swimming with kids. When staying at hotels like Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, keep yourself updated about the state of the tide and head out after to enjoy your luxury holiday in Maldives to the fullest.


Snorkelling Signals

The underwater hand signal is exceptionally valuable and if you look at the instructional videos offered by snorkelling schools in the area, you will notice how your teacher has a signal for I am alright, I am not okay, danger and I need help among a few others. Perfect for improving yourself as a swimming fan, these signs would emote how you feel in the water as you prepare to go on a swimming tour while on your holiday.


Boat to Water

Keep in mind that as you dive, you should hold your mask and snorkel gear with your palm and two fingers. Once in the water, take a major jump forward; check your gear and signal to the vessel saying all is well. In the event that the water conditions are rough, it is better to not dive while standing up. Rather, a seated jump into the water is ideal; this is perfect for shallow water as well. A stepping ladder jump is also an alternative; here, you drop the stepping ladder and put your gear on once you get on the rung that is submerged in the water and then dive in hands first.


Water to Boat

Swim toward the ladder and stay back, waiting if somebody is climbing it already. Two people climbing on the ladder together is tricky as you both could fall back into the water if the ladder is unstable. When you jump on the ladder and climb on the main rung, remove your gear and cautiously climb on board.


Group Snorkeling

Always stay close to the guide when in a group and keep an eye out for his signals. Keep a safe space between every diver so as to give them enough space to explore freely, and you need that too! Don't win too far from your group, and if your guide gave you a limited space to swim within, always follow it strictly.


Night Snorkeling

Setting off on a night swimming excursion is a must do for avid swimmers. You will require an electric lamp to see all activities underneath the water as well as a loud whistle to alarm others if there is a danger – remember that hand signals do not work when there is darkness around you. Wear a comfortable wet suit to stay warm, for night air in the otherwise warm Maldivian seas can be a very cold too. Never go swimming alone; stay near your guide always.