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The European Union took up arms against the Zuckerberg cryptocurrency

The European Union saw the risks of the emergence of a “new, completely separate economy” after the launch of the Libra cryptocurrency from Facebook

LG announces Tone +: wireless waterproof earphones

LG introduced the new Tone + Free earphones: they are wireless, water resistant, support fast charging and start Google Assistant.

Twitter launches a filter to hide direct offensive and spam messages

The social network Twitter has implemented a filter for direct messages that will be responsible for hiding those messages that are considered spam.

Swiss researchers are developing greener bitcoin alternatives

The crypto-currency Bitcoin consumes enormous amounts of energy and thus produces considerable CO2 emissions. Researchers at ETH Lausanne are working on an energy-saving alternative.

Google introduces Android Go Edition: a touch of high-end for beginners

Google has redesigned the Go version of Android. The new edition of this operating system should make devices with weak hardware faster and safer.

Apple releases iOS 13.1.2, new update that promises to fix bugs

At Apple, the updates come in quick succession. iOS 13.1.2, iPadOS 13.1.2 and watchOS 6.0.1 fix bugs again and promise to solve all the ongoing issues.

Fake news websites generate more than 200 million dollars annually

Around 20,000 websites dedicated to fake news generate approximately 235 million dollars a year thanks to the advertising. This study has concluded.

China manufactures its first own DRAM in large quantities

ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT) announces the start of production of its own DRAM chips in China. The equivalent of around 21.1 billion US dollars should have flowed into the development of DRAM chips

Nextcloud 17 brings virtual data rooms and remote wipe

Nextcloud's latest version 17 , Virtual Data Rooms, introduces a new critical data handling service. In addition, you can now delete data from stolen devices.

Two bankers got into a fight after arguing over trees

The protracted conflict between top managers of the Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse turned into a fight at a party at one of them

Malicious code: Talos experts warn against RAM-based network

Talos security experts have pointed out a new malware campaign in which the malicious code is not immediately detected by virus scanners. Because the attack avoided it largely to access the local permanent memory.

Facebook currently blocks all links to The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has lost its horror, but the indexer has lost its time as the number one file-sharing threat a long time ago. Nevertheless, the website is still blocked and blocked until today.

This little supercomputer is based on a cluster of 1060 Rasberry Pi

Those responsible for Oracle have wanted to demonstrate the potential of the famous Raspberry Pi have created a cluster with 1,060 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B +.

The Stack Overflow can tell you how much you should earn if you are a developer

In Stack Overflow, the popular network of questions and answers for developers, they have created a salary calculator to help those who work in the programming field know how much they should be earning.

iOS 13: What’s new, compatible devices, how to upgrade and install it

iOS 13 is now available for download for all users with a compatible iPhone. Today, we would tell you everything you need to know about iOS 13, what's new, compatible devices, and a easy guide to upgrade or install it.

10 apps to take advantage of augmented reality on your mobile

Since mobile phones have incorporated the necessary hardware to be able to perform augmented reality functions, we will see what augmented reality apps we can find today, from games to "virtual testers".

Microsoft is developing a controller that docks to all screens even smartphones

Project xCloud will allow players to access titles from almost any device but now even more. Two sketches appear in which in one of them we see two modules that can be attached to a screen or smartphones with a touch screen in the purest Nintendo Switch style.

Microsoft releases new Edge update within the Dev channel available for Windows and macOS

Edge gets new updates on the Dev channel. Improves the dark theme, the management of the Collections and a new policy when importing content from another browser.

Java 13 brings multi-line strings with text blocks | Revyuh

The language Java is reputed to be rather cumbersome. The developers are trying to change a lot. With the now available Java 13 version, there are text blocks with which you can finally define comfortable multi-line strings without unnecessary circumstances.

Ecuador: online data for the entire population including the president and Julian Assange

The data of the entire population of Ecuador was present on a freely available online database including the president and Julian Assange and subsequently secured after the leak.

Volkswagen planning to build its own operating system 'vw.os'

The German automaker Volkswagen will invest € 8 billion within the next few years to build its own operating system 'vw.os' will be allocated to all its brands.

Alternatives to Google products for those who do not want to use the Google services

Google offers us a lot of useful tools (mail, browser, calendar, etc.) in exchange for "not worrying" a bit about our privacy. If you are looking for alternatives to Google products.

Top 3 software to download YouTube videos for free in 4k and HD | Revyuh

Millions of videos can be streamed online on YouTube. Although it would often be useful to be able to store videos locally, this is not possible in a direct way.

The Walking Dead Season 10: The 11 Most Interesting Spoilers | Revyuh

The launch of The Walking Dead Season 10 is getting closer. How will the story of Michonne, Daryl and Co. go on? If you do not want to wait until the start of the new episode, you can read the 11 most interesting spoilers for TWD Season 10 here.

The best alternative to the Google translator for Windows and macOS

It is one of the best alternative to Google translators we can find on the net. The main reason is that it is one of the few capable of analyzing the text through convolution neural networks.