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Cyber Astro- Vedic Astrology Services

Cyber Astro website was founded in India in early 1997. It was promoted by Mr. Satrajit Majumdar and Chairman of Cyber Media, Mr. Pradeep Gupta. The joint vision of the promoters was to be able to provide personalized and serious healing and best astrological services to a global audience through Internet.

A Match Made in Heaven,Answers to all your Love Life Concerns ~ Cyber Astro : Take Control of Your Destiny

Love Astrology Predictions is a blessing for the people who want to get married or figure out the causes of tension in their relationship. Nobody comes up with a proper plan or roadmap to fall in love but you can definitely plan the future with your partner by taking the help of our expert’s guidance. Spend your life in such a way that you love it to bits. Plan your life with Life Together Analysis Report. Check Now…..

Jupiter Transit 2019 - Quest for Searching the Secret in Mundane ~ Cyber Astro : Take Control of Your Destiny

Planet Jupiter is going to transit into Sagittarius on Jupiter Transit date, 5th November 2019. The world will witness an offbeat and fabulous shift in our lives, when the highly benevolent planet Jupiter will make this Transit of, will thank the cosmos for Jupiter into Sagittarius 2019 as it is so far the best thing going to occur in the world of Vedic Astrology.

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Jupiter is one of the most beneficial planets in the world of Astrology and is believed to bring luck, rewards & fortune and a sense of “significant”. This transit can open a whole new box of opportunities and bring in the concept of enthusiasm, providing benefit to people in various aspects starting from a flourishing business to delay in marriages etc. This planet of growth and expansion will benefit the areas as education, higher learning, travel, promotion, publishing and entrepreneurship. So, during this period, you are likely to see enormous developments in any of the before mentioned areas. Jupiter will transit into Sagittarius and is considered auspicious for existing businesses as well as for new ventures. This transition is going to be very good as Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Know about Taurus: The Stable Humans - Cyber Astro- online Astrology

Know about Taurus: The Stable Humans “You cannot deceive a Taurus; they are blessed with the Power of Intuition”. Taurus is the second Sign in the zodiac and they are the reason we believe that hope...

CyberAstro launches Jupiter Transit Report–Grab 35% Discount Now! -- CyberAstro | PRLog

CyberAstro launches Jupiter Transit Report–Grab 35% Discount Now!. Cyber Astro launches its Jupiter Transit Report. Avail 35% Discount on your personalize report. Claim your report earlier to get the discount. Hurry up and book your report to find out what we have for you in Jupiter Transit Report. - PR12787028

Top five interesting facts about Aries on We Heart It

Aries is traditionally the first sign of the Zodiac with the element of ‘fire’. The sign is represented by the zodiac symbol ‘Ram’, whose power to lead us in the ‘Head’. Aries are outstanding visionaries. Being straight-forward is their attribute. Yes, they are aggressive when poked. The planetary ruler is ‘Mars’ and the number is ‘9’. The first zodiac sign likes to take initiatives first. Their Archetype is of ‘Visionary leader’. Aries is portrayed by the mythological character ‘Ares/Mars’.

Jupiter Transit – The Most Auspicious Shift of the Year ~ Cyber Astro : Take Control of Your Destiny

All the twelve zodiac signs are going to have a tremendous impact due to the major Vedic shit of the year. Jupiter can make you sit on the throne and can take you down. Known as the ‘Guru’ of all the Gods, it is the giving force. Reach to your goals and live life to the fullest, when you have the grace of the planet. The planet is going to transit into Sagittarius with Jupiter Transit dates 5th November 2019 and will remain there till 29th March 2019. The entire world is going to see its effect. Not only human beings but the world will also observe a drastic change.

Jupiter Transit into Sagittarius – Get the Insight of the Most Splendid Transit of the Year -- CyberAstro | PRLog

Jupiter Transit into Sagittarius – Get the Insight of the Most Splendid Transit of the Year. Get an early discount of 35% on your personalized Jupiter Transit Report.


Jupiter is going to transit in Sagittarius on 5th November 2019 The world is going to witness a highly auspicious event

An Advice that Changed My Life-Vedic Astrology - Cyber Astro- online Astrology

An Advice that Changed My Life-Vedic Astrology Life is full of mysteries. You don’t know what is going to happen in the next second. Sometimes we take a sigh and ask ourselves, “why don’t everything...

Reveal the Secret of Cosmos: cyberastro — LiveJournal

Life is a complete mystery. You wake up in the morning and it is a force that drives you. Since the beginning, we are fascinated by the idea of life. Human civilization is the organized form where there is a proper law and order, rules and regulations, industries, infrastructure and an organized…