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Mobile App

Mobile apps have become a necessity for businesses nowadays. Mobile app are gaining more advantages in business.

Security risks from infected apps?

Infection can further be spread by the malware if the infected APK file was ever to be unpacked on a Window machine and the PE files were executed accidentally.

Mobile App Development [ What we're doing and where we are headed ]

It would not really be an over-statement to say that mobile app development is one of the biggest technological phenomena today. It is probably for this reason that the app developers are in greater demand today than ever before.

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Design

It is important that you understand that for a mobile app, the color theme that you choose, is more than mere aesthetics, it is in fact it is one of the vital components that constitute the brand identity and the brand experience extended by your app.

Factors That Would Help You Make A Choice Between Mobile Website Or Mobile App

Making the choice between a mobile website and a mobile app can turn into quite a conundrum, but the fact of the matter is that the choice is dependent on the end goals that you are looking to achieve.

Top 10 Questions A Startup Needs To Answer Before Building An App In 2019

There is a certain amount of investment that making an app involves, and you would need to take the decision based on the kind of money you have to spare and the kind of returns you are going to get from this app.

What is Mobile App Analytics?

Building a mobile app is not enough! Here’s THE most comprehensive guide to Mobile App Analytics online. This is an expert-written guide where you will lea

How to start an App Development Company in 2019?

The DIY app builders have brought about an ease of doing business for the small businesses who do not have the time or the resources to build their own app

Top Mobile Application Categories 2019

Today everyone and every business is getting an app of their own and this is not just one of those fads that are temporary or short-lived. This is a serious need of the hour for businesses irrespective of the niche they cater to.

Mobile App Development Process | Full Guide For Beginners

Mobile app development is a process that can only be tackled in a strategized, and logical manner. You may be a seasoned veteran or someone who is fairly new to the process, you are bound to have some misgivings about the entire process and multiple doubts are going to emerge right from the beginning.

App Development Trends [ 2019 Edition ]

In this post we are going to talk about the top app trends and predictions which are going to define the way your app and your business are going to evolve in the year ahead. The predictions are based on hard statistics, and the trends that we have listed hereunder would only get stronger for the next 5 years.

iOS App Development 2019 | Build Your iOS App

iOS app development is one of the most sought after skills today. But learning how to build apps without a plan leads to certain failure.

Create Business App | Mobile App for Small Business

A mobile app increases the brand awareness among the customers, helping them communicate with your brand. This communication further increases the users’ trust in them, opening them up to future sales pitch from you and increasing chances of them becoming loyal to you.

Artificial Intelligence | Mobile Banking Apps 2019

The AI technology as a whole has a huge impact on the mobile banking industry. From taking customer service and user experience several notches up through chatbots, add efficiency, speed, and security.

Guide to Create App Permission Requests

Imagine opening a new app and being confronted by a barrage of popups, one after the other, asking you for a series of permissions. How do you think your app users are going to behave, if they were going through this?

An Ultimate Guide To Mobile App Install Campaigns 2019

In this post we are going to talk about running Mobile app install campaigns, what they are, how they are run, what you must know before you begin to run them, and the best way to run them.

How to Build a Better and More Personalized App Experience with your Grocery Store App in 2019?

The grocery industry is going through a phase of reinvention as the business environment is witnessing a change in shopping habits and severe competition. The biggest change in this process, probably is the emergence of mobile apps for grocery shopping and adopting a multi-channel approach to engage and provide more value for their customers.

How To Design A Special Black Friday Ecommerce Strategy

Black Friday Cyber Monday has emerged as a time when shoppers tend to go wild, and the ecommerce businesses compete neck to neck in their efforts to grab the attention of the buyers.

Ways to Create Webinars 2019

Webinars are just another type of content. Through webinars, companies can easily reach out to their existing and potential customers across any part of the globe.

Build An Effective Mobile Ad Compaign in 2019

If your product is an app, or your app is selling your core products, then mobile ad campaigns gain a greater importance in your marketing and advertising strategy.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Video Streaming Mobile App

Today, the video streaming apps are the most preferred mode for viewing the videos online.

Mobile App Backend Services

Any dynamic application mobile or otherwise would require data synchronization across platforms, in addition to the ability to send alerts and notification messages and to support various HTTP methods.

Free Investing App for Traders!

The service lets the users open a ‘You Invest’ account in mere minutes, and the service also holds their hand through the process of investing that is backed by the bank’s equity research on around 1,200 stocks which are a part of their resources.

Tips To Down Your Mobile App Development Cost

Mobile devices are the constant companions of the modern consumer and they are using it for practically everything from communication to entertainment, to organization, and even for business among others.

Hiring A Mobile App Developer In 2019

The cost of hiring an app developer is calculated on a 5-day week basis where a work day consists of 8 hours.

The Mobile App Development Industry: Top 10 Influencers

There are a number of valuable and influential experts in the industry that we deem as influencers today.