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Data Entry Services - Only From $5/Hr.

Below is the list of all the data entry services offered by Perfect Data Entry.



Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

Perfect Data Entry gives your business the confidence of knowing your projects are handled. With 300+ professionals working for you, you can concentrate on what you do best while depending on our team of diverse professionals to take care of the rest. Any business owner can have access to a team that rivals the back office of a large corporation. Our expert team can handle it all – from coding and marketing to data entry, graphic design, and project management – we offer a full range of services, at competitive rates.

The data entry process is additionally impacted when the operations of departments, subsidiaries, and clients involve multiple languages and time zones. Even when all data entry tasks are localized, the process is typically labor-intensive and costly – often preventing key employees from accomplishing high-priority assignments.

Reliable and Affordable Outsourcing -

Data Entry & Processing
Data Mining & Enrichment
Lead Generation & Sales Support
Content Moderation
Customer Support
Large Team
Diverse Skillsets


Ecommerce Data Entry

Ecommerce Data Entry

E-Commerce data entry, as the name suggests, is the entry of product details into the e-commerce platform. E-Commerce involves handling significant amounts of data. Every e-commerce business should have their product data highly accurate to attract customers to buy them. Product data entry plays a critical role in any e-commerce business and should be handled with care.

As the e-commerce industry is expanding around the globe, effective Product Information Management (PIM) is of great importance for running a successful e-commerce store. Perfect Data Entry, a leading BPO service provider, will provide robust support to your e-commerce product data entry services and Bulk eCommerce product upload service.

We have a team of well-trained professionals who are capable of completing e-commerce product listing outsourcing for the large volume of products within a given time. Your e-commerce store will have the most current, unique, and relevant information for all products by using our cost-effective services.

Services We Offer:-

Ecommerce Product Description
Ecommerce Image Support
Product Data Cleansing
Adding or Updating Product Info
Product Data Entry for Cross-selling
Product Data Entry for Up-selling
Ecommerce Catalog Conversion & Data Entry
Ecommerce Catalog Indexing and Building
Ecommerce Product Data Mining Services

Why We?

We Are
Secure & Confidential
Fast Turnaround Time
Dedicated Team
Seamless Processes


Typing & Transcription Service

Typing & Transcription Service

Enhance productivity from reliable professionals. Don’t spend your time typing documents. Let us do it for Price Starting at $1/page. You’ll be amazed by how efficient our Typing & Transcription Service is. Typing is the process of copying documents from one source to another using typewriters or computers.

While it is true that typing can be done by typically everyone, it is highly recommended to outsource professional Typing & Transcription Service from reputable companies. With professional Typing & Transcription Services, you are guaranteed to get fast, reliable, and accurate typing solutions.

A professional Typing & Transcription Service of this nature is one of the most frequent demands from business owners who do not have the time to take care of all the office needs and yet don’t need to hire full-time personnel. At Perfect Data Entry we provide you with the personnel you need in online Typing & Transcription Service at times that are convenient for you and at a reasonable cost.

Our Services:

Typing Services$2/Page
Transcription Services $0.75/minute
Transcription Services $0.75/minute

Why Us?

Work Done by Humans, Not Computers
Quality Assurance
Honest Pricing
A Commitment to Security
Fast Turnaround Times


Data Cleansing Services

Data Cleansing Services

Our highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced team of data cleansing experts can assist you with constant and regular clean up of data in order to achieve objectives. We also help your business in cleansing/cleaning services like data cleaning, email list, excel, address cleansing, data mining in PDF, database cleaning, CRM’s data cleaning, data munging, data scrubbing, data wrangling, data quality, data extraction, data enrichment, data validation, data de-duplication, data quality & more.

Comprehensive Data Cleansing Services:

  1. Data Scrubbing

  • Data Standardization
  • Data Validation
  • De-duplication/Compression
  • Data Matching/Comparison
  • Document Proofreading
  • Data Correction

  1. Data Hygiene

  • Contact Information
  • New Data Appending
  • Data Indexing
  • Adding Images/Graphics
  • Document Indexing

  1. Address Cleansing

  • E-Mail List Cleansing
  • Database Cleansing
  • CRM’s Cleansing
  • Spreedsheet’s Cleansing
  • Address Verification

  1. Data Enrichment

  • Address/phone/e-mail finder
  • Invalid record finder
  • Expired record finder
  • Existing data enrichment
  • Data Classification

  1. Data Munging

  • Standardising
  • Joining/Matching
  • Filtering
  • Consolidating

  1. Data Wrangling

  • Joining Data
  • Data Structuring
  • Data Publishing
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Automation

Data Mining Services

Data Mining Services

Perfect Data Entry is the leading high volume provider of outsourced Data Entry Services to clients nationwide. We specialize in all types of Data Entry, Data Mining, Data Processing and Data Conversion projects in various industries such as Healthcare, Web/eCommerce, Transportation, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Research, Finance & Insurance, Universities & Education, Direct Marketing, Real Estate/Mortgage, Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Legal, and Government & Non-Profit.

Data extraction is a prime requisite for an organization which deals with a large amount of information stored in a complex manner; in different formats and locations. It can also refer to the creation and conversion of data in multiple media formats concurrently. Data extraction is mostly done on customer databases to analyze customer behavior and demographic characteristics of customers.

Our Services:

  1. Web/Internet Data Mining
  2. Social Media Data Mining
  3. SQL Data Mining
  4. Image Data Mining
  5. Excel Data Mining
  6. Text Data Mining
  7. Open Source Data Mining
  8. PDF Data Mining

Why Us?

Secure & Confidential
Fast Turnaround Time
Dedicated Team
Commitment to Perfection
Adherence to Data Quality Management Norms
Customizable & Scalable Services


Data Processing Services

Data Processing Services

Do you have large volumes of unorganized data in your organization? You wouldn’t even realize how they slowly start affecting the functioning of your business and distort your decision making. The data management professionals at Perfect Data Entry can handle large volumes of data processing work without compromising on quality with minimum economical prices.

To simplify your data processing operations, we combine together state-of-the-art technologies and highly experienced data processing professionals. We have a proven track record in providing high-quality large volume data processing services to worldwide clients. Our workforce has expertise in cleaning, enriching and updating high volume data related to any business type. We can capture raw data and convert it into any desirable digital file format precisely and effortlessly.

Data Entry Processing Services helps you manage your information in a more efficient way, enabling you to make strategic and critical decisions. Data Processing that includes database building, mailing list compilation, keypunching from images, data extraction from web, electronic publication, scanning, document conversion, data capture, web research, data mining, etc.
Utilizing latest tools, technology, and techniques, we can process data from any format including images, manuscripts, printed text documents, audios, videos, etc. and transform it into the preferred editable electronic format.

Our Services

1.. Form Processing

  • Medical Forms
  • Insurance Claims
  • Survey Forms
  • Legal Forms
  • Rebates, Discounts
  • Immigration Forms
  • Student Forms
  • Web, Paper, Images

2. Mailing List Compilation

  • Validating Addresses
  • Compiling List of Customers, Clients, Vendors, Partners and other Stakeholders
  • Compiling Lists from Paper and Electronic Documents
  • Updating and Validation of Existing Email Database

3. Order Management Services

  • Customer Query Resolution
  • Returns and Refunds
  • Customer Follow Up Services
  • Order Data Entry
  • Invoice Data Entry
  • Invoice Processing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Customer Support

4. Survey Processing Services

  • Survey scanning
  • Survey data entry
  • Survey data analysis
  • Survey reporting

5. Transaction Processing Services

  • Orders Processing
  • Claims Processing
  • Loans Processing
  • Checks Processing
  • Financial Transactions Processing

6. Image Annotation Services

  • Image Tagging and annotation
  • Bounding box
  • Filteration
  • Image tagging of aerial imagery
  • Semantic image annotation
  • Tagging images by autonomous vehicles
  • Prioritization

7. Image Processing Services

  • Image Editing and scanning
  • Image enhancement and retouching
  • Image Manipulation
  • Background editing
  • 3D Image Processing
  • Masking and Composing
  • Color Adjustments
  • File Type Conversion
  • Advanced Image Processing

8. Market Research form Processing Services

  • Market Forms Processing
  • Market Research Forms Digitization
  • Market Strategy Development
  • Market Research Data Compilation
  • Market Research Data Capture
  • Market and Survey Research
  • Market Research Analysis

9. Tagging and Annotation Services

  • Geo Tagging
  • Multi-Label Classification
  • Image Detailing
  • Image Descriptor
  • Text Translation
  • Image Retrieval

10. Insurance Claims Processing Services

  • Life Insurance Claim Processing
  • Auto Insurance Claim Processing
  • Health Insurance Claim Processing
  • General Insurance Claim Processing
  • New Business Acquitting
  • Provider Excess Reinsurance
  • Specific Express Reinsurance
  • Insurance Claim Setup
  • Insurance Claim Eligibility and Estimation

11. Invoice Processing Services

  • Matching invoices with purchase orders
  • Data validation of code, value, etc
  • Data extraction from headers
  • Data Extraction from Line Items
  • Scanning paper invoices
  • Logging transaction details
  • Cash handling and checking
  • Generating PO receipts of suppliers invoices

12. Merge Purge Services

  • Merging Online Database
  • Purging Online Database
  • Database Validation
  • Database Verification
  • Database De-duplication
  • Offline Data Merging
  • Offline Data Purging
  • Creating a Master Database

13. Document Processing Services

  • Business Document Processing
  • Application Forms Processing
  • Admission Forms Processing
  • Legal Document Processing
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • Research Reports Processing
  • Property Papers Processing
  • Notary Document Processing
  • Business Brochures Processing
  • Product Catalogues Processing

14. Rebate Processing Services

  • Rebate Order Processing
  • Rebate Survey and Poling
  • Tax Rebate Check Processing
  • Back Office Rebate Processing
  • Rebate Claims Validation
  • Rebate Customer Service
  • Rebate Check Mailing
  • Rebate Data Management

15. Resume Processing Services

  • Formatting font styles and sizes
  • Formatting Resume Layouts
  • Resume Data Structuring
  • Laying emphasis on specific information
  • Resume Data Repositioning
  • Resume Editing Service
  • Resume editing to up to certain degree
  • Professional resume processing
  • Professional resume formatting

Data Capture Services

Data Capture Services

Data Capture is the procedure for the identification and extraction of information from scanned & published documents. In the present market, obtaining the ideal information has become extremely essential to make educated decisions for customers. A great deal of crucial data resides on documents and forms which have a requirement to be recorded, organized and found that could have an immediate effect on improving the operational efficiencies.

Our highly-skilled, educated and experienced group of data capture specialists can help business customers free of laborious tasks of extracting targeted information from survey forms, bill documents, scanned bank statements, invoices, pictures, business cards, health records, directories, charts, published records & more which are complicated and have many different fields.

Our Services

  1. Paper to Image Conversion
  2. Form Capture
  3. Coupon, Voucher, and Receipt Data Capture
  4. Competitor Information Capture
  5. Check Scanning and Imaging
  6. Cards, Microfilm, Magnetic Tapes, and Photo Capture

Data Conversion Services

Data conversion is actually a very significant aspect of functionality in the successful and smooth functioning of numerous businesses in this era of information and facts. It is imperative for every single organization, since the information arises from different formats from different resources like paper documents, forms; excel files, word documents, access databases, scanned images of paper documents, etc.

Efficient data conversion is key to the effective implementation of Infinite Campus. The need for data conversion is vital for any organization to operate their particular business enterprise successfully. Use of outsourcing for Data Conversion has become most common in India nowadays. Data conversion is normally a “one-time” effort.

Our highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced team of data conversion experts can take on any data conversion task easily. We can handle multiple conversion types like PDF, HTML, XML, SGML, excel, spreadsheets, catalog, books, image, CAD, word formatting, a document indexing & digitization to suit the specific needs of your business and ensure the excellence of your business.

Our Services:

1. XML Conversion
2. PDF Conversion
3. SGML Conversion
4. Electronic Document Management (EDM)
5. Word Formatting
6. Catalog Conversion


Data Entry Virtual Assistant

Data Entry Virtual Assistant

Those who understand how time-consuming Data Entry is, understand the importance of having a Data Entry Assistant at your service. Industries such as e-commerce, healthcare are constantly meddling with large numbers of data. In-fact many e-commerce entrepreneurs have made it a typical habit to hire Virtual assistants that help them with data entry for their stores.

We at Perfect Data Entry provide our clients with an expert virtual data assistant. A virtual assistant takes care of all your data management needs while you concentrate on your core business operations. You are no longer wasting your time on mundane data entry tasks or wasting money on hiring a full-time assistant.

Our Services:

  1. Data Cleansing Services

  • Maintain Data Hygiene
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Address Cleansing

  1. Data Mining Services

  • Social Media Data Mining
  • SQL Data Mining
  • PDF Data Mining
  • Text Data Mining
  • Image Data Mining

  1. Data Processing Services

  • Form Processing
  • Transaction Processing
  • Survey Processing
  • Common Data Processing
  • Student Loan Processing

  1. Data Capture Services

  • Forms Data Capture
  • Image-Based Data Capture
  • Manual Data Capture
  • Scanned Or Printed Documents

  1. Data Conversion Services

  • XML Conversion
  • PDF Conversion
  • HTML Conversion
  • Document Conversion

  1. E-Commerce Data Entry

  • Product Listing
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Product Category Management
  • Writing Product Descriptions

Amazon Data Entry Services

Amazon Data Entry Services

With Amazon store owners multiplying by the day, Amazon data entry services have become the need of the hour. With a countless number of products to be listed with the correct information and images, many find it challenging to juggle data management with other crucial business operations. If you are someone looking for an end to end support on managing data on your Amazon store, then look no further.

The task of listing a product on Amazon can be daunting as the job doesn’t end there. You also have to ensure your product falls in the right category, that they have an accurate description, the desired image, and the URL for the product is SEO friendly. Perfect Data Entry helps online traders with data entry tasks such as product listing, writing product description, formatting and uploading images in accordance with Amazon Guidelines, Inventory management, etc.

Our Amazon Services:

1. Amazon Inventory Management
2. Amazon Bulk Product Upload
3. Tracking Of Shipping
4. Amazon Product Listing Services
5. URL Writing
6. Amazon Category Management
7. Product Description Writing
8. Amazon Image Upload
9. Product Catalog Input