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Lice Removal Services and Products - Licenders

Lice Removal Services and Products - Licenders

Back to School: Keep Your Kids Away from Lice

Here are a few ways to keep your kids away from lice at school and what to do if you suspect your child has already acquired lice:

How to Prevent Super Lice

Here’s what to do if you or someone in your family is found to have lice to prevent the development of super lice:

Prevent Lice at School with Licenders

Before you know it, it’ll be time for kids to go back to school, which means there’s a greater chance for a lice outbreak. If a student does get lice, many schools have no-nit policies in place that require the infected child to be cleared of nits, which can take several weeks depending on the treatment.

How Can I Be Sure Lice Are Gone?

The pains of a head lice outbreak can feel like they are never-ending. You have to sterilize your home, make sure that lice don’t spread to you or your family members and keep your child home from school, which can be frustrating and embarrassing.

How To Avoid Lice While Traveling This Summer

A lice outbreak can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time, especially during the hustle and bustle of summer travels. With vacation preparations in full swing, there are some preventative measures to take to minimize the chances of acquiring some unwanted travel companions in the form of head lice.

How to Avoid Lice at Sleepovers

Sleepovers are one of the most fun ways that your child can socialize with friends. Whether it’s to stay up past bedtime with the neighborhood kids or to celebrate a birthday, staying over at a friend’s house away from home is an exciting rite of passage for kids in their adolescence.

7 Problems Parents Face When Kids Go Back to School

Once the dog days of summer come to a close and it’s time for the kids to go back to school, the schedule changes and getting back into a routine can be challenging for busy parents. But don’t worry – you aren’t alone. Here are some of the most common problems that parents face once the school year begins:

Summer Camp and Lice: Prevent Outbreaks Before They Happen

Summer is just around the corner, and so is summer camp. Where there’s summer camp, there are kids. Where there are kids, there is the possibility for a lice outbreak, especially in the warm months.

Know the Four Symptoms of Lice

How can you know for sure whether you or a family member has lice? Knowing and looking for the four tell-tale signs - or symptoms - of lice will give you a clear indication of its presence. Knowing these symptoms will also help you determine if you need to seek immediate treatment to avoid an infestation.

Stay Lice Free at Sports or Band Camp This Summer

Summer is an exciting time for middle and high schoolers, especially if they participate in band or a sport that allows them to go to an overnight camp. But just like at camps for younger children, lice outbreaks happen. Kids traveling on buses, sharing equipment and sleeping in close quarters increase the chances of spreading lice if an outbreak occurs.

Keeping Lice Out of Day Camp

Day camp in the summer is a fun and exciting time for kids and counselors, but a lice outbreak could quickly change that. While it’s common for kids to get lice at overnight camp due to the close sleeping quarters, a lice infestation can happen just as easily at day camp.

5 Myths About Lice-Busted

Lice can be a big nuisance, and the word ‘lice’ alone is enough to make anyone cringe. While getting lice is common, there are many misconceptions about what lice are, how you can become infested, and how to prevent and treat lice. Here are a few common myths about lice debunked:

5 Things To Do After a Lice Outbreak

Finding out that you or a member of your family has been infested with lice can be overwhelming and stressful. However, there are steps you can take in order to treat and get rid of lice quickly and effectively. Here are a few ways you can deal with the lice outbreak and ensure that lice is treated properly so it won’t spread or return:

Licenders is a professional lice removal treatment company. At Licenders, we are providing a safe and effective head lice treatment service for adults and children. Visit here for more information.

At the first suspicion of lice, stop into one of our six conveniently located kid-friendly salons for a professional lice screening. Our professional clinicians are trained to make the correct diagnosis.

Preventing Lice Outbreaks This Winter

Parents might think that lice won’t thrive and spread during the colder months, but that’s just another myth about lice. With kids back at school and especially with holiday travel, colder weather months are actually times with the highest amount of lice outbreaks.