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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 20, 2019
Headline for 8 Best Places to Visit in Trincomalee that Prove it is a Hidden Gem in Sri Lanka – The Pristine North of Sri Lanka
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8 Best Places to Visit in Trincomalee that Prove it is a Hidden Gem in Sri Lanka – The Pristine North of Sri Lanka

Home to Sri Lanka's only natural harbor, nestled in the north-eastern coast of Sri Lanka, the tale of this city is just as precious as the city is! Much less common among the tourist folks unlike the South, here are some places in Trincomalee that proves it is in fact the hidden gem of Sri Lanka!


Nilaveli Beach

Famous for its gorgeous white sandy beach strip, Nilaveli is a stretch of blissful beach that speaks nothing but of utter beauty! The picture-perfect beach views through neighboring coconut-spotted lands is almost as unreal as a picture postcard worth a million words! To top off these million-dollar views, resorts in Trincomalee have gone an extra mile to provide innovative accommodation solutions that let you connect with these beautiful views like never before! Hotels such as Trinco Blu by Cinnamon offers views to die for and is still worth it all!


Whale Watching

Sri Lanka has emerged as one of the world's major whale watching destinations. Between Mirissa and Trinco as the options for whale-watching, the latter is well-famous for whale watching given its un-touted nature. The peak season for whale-watching in Trinco is between March-August. Observe the beauty of these regal creatures as they weave through waves in an attempt to show-off their insane whirling skills!


Koneswaram Temple

In the worst-case scenario that you are left with an option to visit only a single attraction in Trinco, make sure it is the Koneswaram Temple. Neighbored by the also famous, dramatic Swami Rock and the Gokarna Bay, this feudal monument in Trinco's vivacious attraction. It is venerated by Hindu devotees as it is built in honor of one of their principle deities. Its significance as a holy establishment is only outdone by the insane views of the vast blue Indian Ocean stretching out far into the unknown.


Fort Frederik

Built during the Portuguese rule, this marvelous establishment is currently under the jurisdiction of the military, but visitors are most welcome! While you are around, you could be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of deer sneaking through the vast green trying to shield itself from the scorching heat blasting down on them.


Pigeon Island

As peculiar as the name sounds, believe us when we say this island is everything but queer! Located within a 10-minute boat ride distance from Nilaveli beach, this is a spectacular yet tiny island with beaches as white as a could be and waters so blindingly crystal clear! Needless to say, this is an absolute favorite among snorkelers visiting the region.


Kanniya Hot Springs

A popular destination among locals, Sri Lankans and tourists alike are the seven geothermal wells of Kanniya. Despite the scorching sun that is always down on this region, the warm water oozing out of these hot springs strangely somehow bring a queer sense of comfort to everyone! With the aim of providing a better experience to all visitors, authorities have added changing facilities to those of you who would like to refresh themselves.


Manayaweli Bay

A quiet wander along the gentle curl of beach at Manayaweli is a must have experience for all visitors. This is where you can witness the fresh catches of the day are brought to shore by fishermen in an eager haze to earn their well-deserved rupees! It may not be a fortune, but it certainly is their lifeline. It is with nothing but respect and thankfulness to these amazing souls that your visit to Trinco should possibly end!


Dutch Bay Beach

This is yet another one of Trinco's stunning attractions located right at the center of the city. It is quite a famous swimming spot in Trinco, although its lurking undertows sometimes make it an unsafe zone to get into. But you are in luck because if not for a swim, this stretch of beach complements really well even for and evening stroll feasting on a delicious popsicle!