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Updated by Meiya Philippines on Nov 23, 2020
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Face Makeup Products Supplier Philippines

Meiya products are designed for all skin color with advanced technology and superior quality. Play and style yourself with the wide range of beauty products that will give you healthy and radiant skin.

5 Face Makeup Products You Must Have For Every Occasion

Let us take a look at the 5 makeup products which you can buy from Meiya, a face makeup products supplier from the Philippines, and keep them with you wherever you go.

Tips On How To Choose The Right Makeup & Cosmetics Products

Consider these given factors while buying your makeup and cosmetic products. Choose them wisely and use them well.

6 Common Makeup Mistakes We Make And Tips To Avoid Them

“I believe all women are pretty without makeup- but with the right makeup they can be pretty powerful.”- Bobbi Brown Applying makeup is a very everyday thing for most women. Yet a lot of you might…

Morning Skincare Routine You Should Follow Regularly

Follow these 5 steps for your regular skin care routine and then, you can use your regular makeup and cosmetic products to get ready for the day.

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin When You Are In Your 20s

Make sure to buy only those products that are age-appropriate for you from your makeup supplier and know the ways to take care of your skin when you are in your 20s.

Avoid Cakey Makeup With the Help Of These Simple Steps – Meiya Makeup

Applying makeup is art. However easy it might look, it takes a lot of practice to get that perfect look that suits you. All the makeup and cosmetics products that you mostly use should be used in a way that they would look natural. Otherwise, if not applied properly it can make your makeup cakey.…

5 Benefits To Look For In A Face Serum In Skincare Routine

Learn the benefits of a face serum and find a good quality face makeup products supplier, so that you can buy a serum to include it in your regular skincare routine.

Makeup Products You Must Have For Every Occasion

Here are some makeup products available at Meiya, one of the best face makeup products supplier in the Philippines, and you can carry them with you whenever yo…

Follow These Steps To Apply Liquid Eyeliner If You Are A Beginner

Always buy the best eye makeup from your supplier in the Philippines and follow the given three easy steps to have the perfect way of applying eyeliner.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads With Easily Available Ingredients – Meiya Makeup

Organic beauty products supplier can keep blackheads at bay. Here are some ingredients which are easily available and you can use to get rid of blackheads.

5 Reasons You Should Keep Exfoliation In Your Daily Skincare Routine – Makeup Tips

Removing dead skin cells every alternate day is something all cosmetic suppliers can advise you to do. Find out all the reasons for exfoliating your skin.

Buy Makeup Palettes From The Best Makeup Palette Supplier In Philippines

Buy all these super affordable, well-pigmented, and radiant makeup palettes from the best online makeup palette supplier store in Philippines.

We Asked Pinoy Women Their Favorite Makeup Product And Here’s What They Said

Since Meiya is a popular cosmetics wholesale supplier in the Philippines, we asked some Pinoy women to reveal their favourite makeup product to us.

Meiya Offers Top-Quality Makeup Essentials For Novices In Philippines

Create your beginner’s makeup kit by buying these mentioned makeup essentials from Meiya, the best cosmetics wholesale supplier in the Philippines.

Why Women In Philippines Love Matte Lipsticks So Much? – Cosmetics Wholesale Supplier Philippines

There is not a single occasion in the world of a woman that goes without applying lipstick. Women in Philippines are known for their naturally beautiful and cute looks and gorgeous black hair. Nowadays, even Filipino women are using makeup, thanks to some best cosmetics manufacturers and suppliers in the Philippines. If there is one…

5 Steps To Follow For Applying Eyeshadow Like A Pro

It’s simple to apply eyeshadows, all you need are pigmented eyeshadow palettes from the best makeup palette supplier in the Philippines and a little practice.

How To Store Your Makeup Products Properly To Extend Their Shelf Life: ext_5566136 — LiveJournal

We spend a fortune on our makeup products and hence it becomes imperative for us to take good care of them so that they last long and do not get spoiled before their expiration date. First thing first, always buy your makeup from the best makeup manufacturer in the Philippines . In this article, we…

The Importance Of Cosmetics Today

Cosmetics are inhabitable part of women's lives in today's world. It adds extra elegance to our appearance and makes us feel more comfortable and confident. Vi…

Things You Should Know About Mineral Makeup

If you're new to mineral makeup, you might be wondering what it's all about. Always buy mineral makeup products from the best makeup kits online supplier in ...

Why Makeup Is An Integral Part Of Women Living In The Philippines

“For me, makeup is my livelihood & a means to explore my imagination & creativity.” Buy makeup palettes from the top makeup palette supplier in the Philippines.

The Importance Of Cosmetics Today

Cosmetics are inhabitable part of women's lives in today's world. It adds extra elegance to our appearance and makes us feel more comfortable and confident. ...