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Updated by Chathurika Jinadasa on Aug 20, 2019
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Travelling with Kids 101

Everybody loves travelling and adventures. Chances are you used to travel a lot when you were dating and the first few years of marriage before the kids arrived. It was just the two of you and you could go where you wanted with minimum hassle, planning and cost. Now though, it’s a different story - you are responsible for tiny little humans that you have to protect and provide for.

Here’s a list of things to do to make travelling with kids less stressful, hassle-free and enjoyable:


Always Assume Things Will Go Wrong

There is never a likelihood of everything turning out exactly how you planned when kids are around. So always assume things will go wrong and give yourself extra time for when they do. For example, head to the airport well ahead of time because checking in is very different with kids involved.


Don’t Pack What You Don’t Need

You don’t have to pack everything your kids play with and use at home. A holiday should be about new experiences and there is going to be loads of things to grab their attention wherever you go. So keep space to get some souvenirs and let them be free from their home trappings to explore their new surroundings.


Plan Ahead and Book Ahead

When travelling with kids you can never wing it. You can’t arrive at your destination, find a taxi and drive around town looking for a hotel. That was for your younger selves who had no kids. Now you need to book taxis in advance, book the hotel in advance, book everything in advance so it’s just a matter of moving from the airport to the hotel/resort. This has an added advantage of cost saving also. For example, The Family Fun Package from Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives allows your kids to stay free if they are below 12 years of age.


Adventures Need to be Explained to Kids

Sit down and have a chat with your kids to explain what is happening. Kids do not like changes to routine because it scares them and makes them nervous and then they end up acting out. So get them involved, talk to them about the holiday and get them used to the idea and excited to look forward to it.


A Hungry Kid is a Nightmare - Stock up on Snacks

Hangry must have been invented for kids. When kids get hungry they turn into little monsters. To avoid the worst coming out, ensure you have enough and more snacks for them to munch on.


Give Your Kids Some Responsibility

The best way to ensure you do not have screaming, kicking kids on your hands is to get them involved by giving them some responsibility. Let them carry something at the airport, ask them to look after their younger siblings, get them involved.


Know Where Your Kids are at All Times

Losing your kids in an airport would be the worst way to start a relaxing holiday and it can happen too easily. Kids have a tendency to get distracted and wander off and it is imperative to always keep four eyes on them.


Don’t Move from One Hotel to Another

It may have been fun to move from one hotel to another when it was just the two of you but with kids in tow, it is best to have one base so as to let your kids settle in and enjoy things without feeling too displaced.


Let Your Kids Make Memories

Give your kids a camera, or the older ones a journal and let them make their own memories of the holiday. This will definitely keep them occupied and give them a chance to make their own memories.



Put in some downtime during your holidays. Activities and adventures are fun however rest is just as important. Take time to just spend some time doing nothing and enjoy each other’s company.

Don’t worry, practice does make perfect and the more you travel the better you will be at it.