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Hotify Continues to Invest in Applied AI R&D, Dayananda Sagar College Of Engineering becomes 1st Academia Partner

Bangalore, February 06, 2018: Bengaluru based startup, Hotify AI, a “Cognitive Intelligence Platform” accelerating enablement of Enterprise AI Solutions, announced a partnership with Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering (DSCE) to invest in applied AI R&D. Many leading universities and educational institutions are eager to understand and implement new learning methodologies to enable and empower the youth of today. As Hotify AI has a strong foundation in Applied AI along with its cognitive intelligence platform, will provide ample opportunities for DSCE students to learn and experiment on new concepts with excellent guidance from the technical leadership. DSCE being the first partner, Hotify AI aims many more educational institutions joining the league to invest in applied AI R&D.

7 Marketing Technologies to Invest in 2018

The world has become more digitized now, with the invent of smartphones and so digital marketing has made a foray into our day to day life.

11 Quick Time-Saving Excel Tips for Everyone

Microsoft Excel is one of the most common programs used by the people. Whether it is managing the bulk data or creating a spreadsheet, all can be done through Excel and that too in an easy manner.

Tips for Deploying Node.js Applications into Production

Are you willing to create server applications in JavaScript? Nothing can beat the leading tool, Node.js that offers the functionality of both a web server and an application server. Being a single-threaded and uses nonblocking I/O, the tools allows to scale and support tens of thousands of concurrent operations.

Promoting a Business through LinkedIn - How Should You Do It for Excellent Results?

LinkedIn is one of the most efficient online platforms available which can help you develop your business. However, besides creating a LinkedIn profile with all the essential details, if you still feel that you are not getting the most out of your LinkedIn page, then this article can help you.

How to Recover Lost WhatsApp Messages from Samsung Devices

Today, we’re going to explore two essential ways you can recover your seemingly lost WhatsApp message on your Samsung device!

What is Beryllium, What are Sources and How Can it be Used?

Beryllium is a light and stiff metal that is mined from Bertrandite and Beryl minerals. Scientists discovered the metal in its oxide form in 1797 and isolated its metallic form in 1828. Since its discovery, beryllium has been utilized in different industries.

How Does the Internet Work? - Things You Really Need to Know

Have you ever wondered how the Internet works? Perhaps you have wondered how are you able to chat with your friend from the other side of the planet as if you were standing next to each other? Get this information in this blog post.

Easy Steps to Organize Computer Files

It’s hard to keep track of all your electronic files, especially if you have so many that you can’t find a way to archive them anymore. The task is even more difficult if you consider the fact that every storage space is full of files, from your hard drive to your business’s cloud storage.

5 Ways to Make Your Blog More Visible

Your business blog is one of the most influential digital tools you have at your disposal. Learning how to optimize the efficiency of your business blog is what will make it powerful.

The Future of Information Flow on the Web

No one can deny that information flow has changed drastically in the last generation of people to use technology for various purposes. The relationship between social media, websites, mobile applications, and work management has flexed and what's next.

Technology and Dating: Where Love and Power Come Together

Love is as old as humanity. Technology is as new as today. And where those two concepts meet, all sorts of interesting things happen. Particularly when it comes to technology and dating, it's fascinating to see the intersection between old and new.

Exploring the True Marketing Potential of Instagram - What You Need to Keep in Mind

To make a business work with more efficiency, proper business marketing strategies are required. For chalking out the strategies, you need to include Instagram as the platform for business marketing.

How and When to Use the HDR Feature on Your iPhone?

You can actually enable the HDR feature on your iPhone to capture stunning scenes that would otherwise appear to be too light or too dark. Learn everything that is important in this case.

Ways to Overcome A Phobia in Maths

People find the subject difficult due to a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is not being able to link the concept to an application in real-life. Let's take a look and how to overcome math phobia.

3 Ways Technology Keeps Us Safe That You Might Not Have Considered

From our information and homes to our children and aging parents, their safety screams for the spotlight. Technology is answering the call in some amazing ways. Below are three of them.

How to Enable HTTPS on A Blogger Blog Having Custom Domain?

How to migrate from HTTP to https on blogger blog with custom domains? or How to install SSL on Blogger? Do you have any question like this in your mind? Then learn how to enable HTTPS on a Blogger blog with a custom domain.

How Can Cloud HR Software Solve the Most Annoying Thing for Your Business?

HR in the cloud makes total sense! Yes, a cloud HR software can solve some of the most annoying pain points for HR. Here is a rundown on some of the problems cloud HR software can address.

How To Use Instagram For Your Business? - 5 Excellent Tips

Most of the brands are doing business on Instagram, and many are still thinking whether they should or shouldn’t. My advice for all those newcomers is they should start doing business on Instagram; it will help them in many ways. Learn how to use Instagram for your business.

How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone?

If you have currently switched from the Android phone to an iPhone, you might wonder how to transfer entire data and phone memory to your new phone. Learn how can you do that.

The Best Dating Apps for the Upcoming Year - 2019

Nowadays, the dating apps are offering great convenience and optimism to every single person on the Earth. Dating app developers are being creative and offering several amazing features along with user-friendly UI. While there are too many dating apps that are available in the market for every smartphone user across the globe, people now understood that there are dating apps beyond the world of Tinder that are worth taking a look at. Regardless of which one, most of the dating apps need improvement for some or the other aspect. However, there are apps that are sizzling hot and have been running successfully and also there are apps that became too old very quickly. Now, let us take a look at the list of all the successful and best dating apps.

Hotify AI to Target $5 Billion Global Applied AI Research & Development Market

Hotify AI is committed to making AI work for enterprises across a wide variety of industries and sectors with its cognitive intelligence platform serving as an accelerator.

Things to Consider When Buying In-Dash Audio Unit

Buying the right in-dash audio unit depends on the features you want, and the desired look and feel. Nevertheless, here are some things to consider before purchasing an in-dash audio unit.

Get Those Clicks: How To Increase Traffic And Get Your Website Noticed

You want people visiting your website, and chances are, you want it now. You want your website noticed as quickly as possible so that it gets off the ground and begins working for you. The traffic your website sees is down to how your website looks and how discoverable it is across search engines, so you must pay attention and optimize all avenues. Your site needs to be responsive and able to comfortably allow easy viewing across a number of devices, like tablets and smartphones. Your website also needs to be fast and pages need to be optimized, so, with this in mind, get on with promoting your website right away, get your website noticed and increase that all-important traffic and footfall. This list is here to help you do just that.

The Power of Communication is an Important Key for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced business world, communication is vital for an organization to operate efficiently and for collaborating with team members. For any small business to stay competitive, they need to be mobile. Learn more in this article.