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If you have been arrested for DWI in Texas, get the help you need. Call Swate Attorney at Law at 832-702-7599.I would like to hear the facts of your case, the question is “were you interrogated beyond a reasonable doubt”.

DWI Attorneys Houston,Texas

DWI attorneys Houston, Texas.Dwi defense lawyers Houston, Texas. Call the Houston DWI in Texas 713-377-4860 free consultation with our criminal defense lawyer.




A DWI in Texas is serious. Therefore, your DWI attorney will want a detailed description of what occurred when you were stopped. After the stop, the police officer must find evidence of probable cause before you can be arrested for a DWI in Texas. Probable cause means there is sufficient evidence to believe that a crime has been committed.

Frequently, breathalyzers and other chemical tests are performed to determine your blood-alcohol level. However, at the roadside, police officers do not typically have the means to perform a blood-alcohol analysis that is admissible in court. Therefore, the police gather evidence that probable cause exists so that they can take you into custody. Next, the police transport you to a location where a blood-alcohol analysis can be performed. The test results can then be used at your trial for a DWI in Texas. You have the right to refuse the blood-alcohol analysis, but your license will be suspended if you do so.

If you have been arrested for DWI in Texas, get the help you need. Call Swate Attorney at Law at 832-702-7599.I would like to hear the facts of your case, the question is “were you interrogated beyond a reasonable doubt”.



Ask any officer if it’s against the law to drink and drive, that is, drink a ‘refreshing beverage’ and then get in your car and drive…to the package store, or anywhere! He will tell you a reluctant, NO.

It’s not against the law to drink and drive. Even if you have an open container (that topic discussed on a previous page) the mere activity of driving is not against the law. (The open container is, though… a Class C Misdemeanor.)

It is against the law to drive while intoxicated… by having lost the normal use of your mental or physical faculties.

However, these days, if you are driving your car with alcohol on your breath, you’re going to get arrested for DWI. It’s as simple as that. The billboards are true…Drink, Drive, Go To Jail. Their philosophy is, ‘you might beat the case, but you won’t beat the ride!’

The bottom line is, it’s not worth it. If you have alcohol on your breath, much less, think you’re even close to the legal limit, or the loss of your good balance, call a taxi, call a friend, spend the night, walk. You don’t need to fight your case alone. Contact us today.



I get asked all the time, “If someone gets arrested for DWI, should they blow?”


OK. Now, let’s analyze this. You have been stopped for some reason. Any reason! I have even seen cases where the officer just wanted to pull you over and the ‘reason’ is that your license plate was not ‘properly illuminated’ or your ‘window was down’ on a cool day, or some such reason.

Then, he smells alcohol on your breath and goes through the standardized field sobriety tests and comes to the opinion that you are too intoxicated to drive and places you under arrest for DWI. Then he asks if you will submit to a DWI breathalyzer test.

Dude, you’re already arrested for DWI! He’s going to file the charges anyway under the first method of proving it, i.e. ‘by having lost the normal use of one’s mental or physical faculties’. He’s not going to ‘un-arrest’ you! When he turned on his red and blue lights the video camera automatically started and has been recording all that has happened. He’s on camera, just like you. His sergeant will review the video and ask, ‘why’d you let that guy go?’

So, if you blow and it’s below the limit you’re still arrested and you get a free trip to the county jail. (I once had a client who blew a 0.02 [¼ the legal limit] and he was still arrested!)

If you blow and it’s above the limit, you’ve just given the prosecution more evidence against you. The saying is true, “if you’re in a hole, stop digging!”


A DUI Lawyer Capable Of Handling Complex And High-Stakes Cases

A DUI Lawyer Capable Of Handling Complex And High-Stakes Cases

Criminal defense lawyer Tommy swate has over 25 years of experience working on DUI (driving under the influence), DUI manslaughter, drunk driving accidents, and other serious DUI/DWI criminal cases. As a former prosecutor for the state of Texas and well-known lecturer on DUI defense in Texas, he is familiar with the legal nuances in DUI cases. He knows your rights under the Constitution and how to uphold them.

From questioning the legitimacy of the traffic stop to negotiating a lesser sentence, Mr. Tommy will analyze all possible options in your case. Once you have all of the information you need, we will work with you to decide the best strategy for your defense.


Professional malpractice attorney Houston

Professional malpractice attorney Houston

Professional malpractice attorney Houston, Texas..Best medical attorneys in Houston, Texas. Need a Personal Injury Attorney Visit us

If the police have arrested you on suspicion of driving under the influence, it is crucial that you get started building your defense as soon as you can, even as early as the next day. What’s more, it’s important that you get the help of an experienced, lawyer who knows how to work with cases just like yours.

Call Swate, Attorney at Law, today 713-377-4860. You can also contact us through email .`OR visit us now




If you’ve been charged for driving under the influence, you need to get represented by an experienced Texas DUI defense lawyer immediately. Otherwise, your license can be revoked, your car impounded and maybe even jail time.

This is the reality you face if you’re convicted of a DUI. One puff on that breathalyzer machine and your future can be turned upside-down. The bottom line is this: a DUI conviction stays on your driving record forever. It can’t be erased.

So what should you do if you’re hit with a DUI charge? Just roll over and accept your fate?

No way. You can fight back, with the help of the DUI in swate law! Call the DUI defense lawyers at The swate law, 713-377-4860

We have a dedicated website for our DUI and Criminal division. Click here.


Our DUI Attorneys Will Examine Your Case

Our DUI Attorneys Will Examine Your Case

Although most law enforcement authorities use the correct procedure for identifying drunk drivers on the road, there are others who simply don’t give motorists a fair shake. If you’ve been targeted unfairly by a law officer, or if the proper means weren’t used to administer your tests, we can help you recognize when your rights have been violated.

The Breath Test: Was your test conducted on dry, level ground with adequate lighting, or on a sloped side of a roadway with traffic speeding by? If you were forced to take a breath test under questionable conditions, your rights may have been compromised.

The Road Side Test: Were you nervous and fatigued during the test, or do you wear glasses, contact lenses, or dental devices of any kind? If you had an existing physical impairment which may have negatively affected your roadside test, you may have been treated unfairly in the eyes of the law.

We have a dedicated website for our Dwi in texas and Criminal division.

Call 713-377-4860 to speak with a DUI attorney.

DWI Defense Attorney Houston ,Texas .Medical Attorney Houston,TX

DWI defense attorney Houston, Texas.Best medical attorneys in Houston, Texas. Need a DWI Attorney in Texas, Call us: 713-377-4860, Visit us:


Hire a DUI Attorney - swate law

Hire a DUI Attorney - swate law

At The Swate Law, we believe almost any case can be won. You don’t have to go down this ‘road’ alone. Hire a law firm

with broad experience in defending DUI charges, one with comprehensive knowledge when it comes to the rules of the

road. The Swate law team of DUI lawyers will guide you through the process with experience and confidence.

Our attorneys are skilled in defending all types of DUI traffic offenses. They know how to strategize and they may be able

to help you win your case! We have a dedicated website for our DUI and Criminal division. Click here.

Call 713-377-4860 to speak with a DUI defense attorney.


Aggressive DUI Defense Texas

No matter which state you are in, DUI and DWI laws are practically the same. Every state has limits pertaining to driving with certain blood-alcohol content (BAC) and certain punishments for each. The punishments are harsh, and often involve a long legal process in which you could potentially lose your license or be put in jail. If you believe you are innocent and are being wrongly accused of a DUI or DWI crime, contact a local Texas DUI/DWI lawyer for your case. Texas law gives you ten days to file a challenge to your arrest or you will automatically lose your driver's license, so hiring a lawyer as soon as possible is a definite must.

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) or DUI charges are serious. You need a licensed and knowledgeable DWI Defense lawyer practicing in the State of Texas to help you plead your case before a court. Laws governing DWI and DUI charges are constantly changing and being upgraded. You need a lawyer who knows the laws, rules, regulations and is up-to-date regarding Texas' drinking and driving laws. He or she will also have knowledge of similar cases in the area and use them as examples of precedent in your case.

For more information call us now: 713-377-4860 or visit us:

DWI Defense Attorney Houston ,Texas .Medical Attorney Houston,TX

DWI defense attorney Houston, Texas.Best medical attorneys in Houston, Texas. Need a DWI Attorney in Texas, Call us: 713-377-4860, Visit us:


Call 713-377-4860 to speak with a DUI attorney.

Call 713-377-4860 to speak with a DUI attorney.

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence(DUI) cases are certainly no joke. In the event you are pulled over and are charged, you should be aware of your rights. You must be knowledgeable of the officer\\'s conduct and the appropriate steps that need to be taken.

In most states, DUI is considered a lesser offense to DWI. A DUI charge implies that a driver is unfit to handle a motor vehicle as a result of illegal drug use as opposed to alcohol. Nevertheless, both are serious offenses, and it is important to hire an attorney that is specialized to handle your case. With a DWI charge, you may face more serious consequences, but qualified attorneys that have experience in these cases may be able to reduce the charge to a DUI. More importantly, it is imperative to hire a lawyer that specializes in DWI/DUI cases because other attorneys may not have experience in this field. Locating an experienced lawyer is a pivotal first step, and failing to do so can have irreversible consequences.

When searching for a DWI/DUI lawyer, a background check is a necessary step. You need to know whether or not a lawyer is reputable, his or her caseload history, years of experience handling DWI/DUI cases, and success rates. If you have hired an attorney to handle your other affairs, he or she can refer you to the best representatives available. You need an attorney who has a strong reputation in the community and who comes highly recommended by others in the field. In addition, you need to select a lawyer who acknowledges your rights and is sympathetic to your case, whether or not you are guilty of charges.

Next, you need to create a list of prospective attorneys and meet with each of them individually so that they can evaluate your case and provide you with consultations. A face to face meeting enables you to determine if a specific lawyer is right for you. Most initial consultation services are free of charge, and qualified attorneys can provide you with options or refer you to other individuals more suitable for your case.

Once an attorney has been selected, he or she researches the event, gathers details that serve to disprove charges, and guides you through further processes that need to occur. You must provide your attorney with detailed, accurate information. While small details may seem irrelevant, they may provide your attorney with valid evidence useful for your case. For example, if a police officer does not provide you with substantial reasons for pulling you over, this is evidence that can be used in your favor in court. There are specific driving patterns police officers must adhere to when accusing an individual with DUI or DWI. Speeding, for example, does not justify a DUI/DWI charge. Your attorney should be aware of the proper conduct that police officers are expected to uphold under the law.

After reenacting the scene and providing crucial details, a DWI attorney may need to conduct further research relative to your driving records, previous offenses, and may even have to look into your health records. If you consented to a breathalyzer test and had a blood alcohol content (BAC) reading of at least .08 percent, your lawyer may have to take more drastic measures. A lawyer might decide that the evidence the arresting officer submitted was not substantial, and he or she may choose to have the tools analyzed for accuracy and malfunctions. If you have an illness such as diabetes or are taking prescription medications for health reasons, a lawyer may be able to discredit breathalyzer test results. If this is a first-time offense, rather than claiming innocence, a lawyer may encourage you to plead guilty and work towards reducing the charge to a DUI.

Overall, every detail provided to your attorney can impact the outcome of your case. Therefore, accurate and honest accounts are imperative. Whether you are guilty or innocent of charges, courts are expected to protect your civil rights.

DUI Defense Attorney Houston,Texas. DUI Attorney Houston,TX

DUI Defense Attorney Texas. DUI Attorney Houston, TX.If you have been arrested for DUI in Texas. Call Swate Attorney at Law at 832-702-7599