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Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool

Licensed through the North Carolina Division of Early Childhood Education, Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool offers children a biblical foundation while helping them to develop both academically and socially.

On Childcare: Partnering with the Right Preschool

Every parent must learn to understand the needs of his/her child. Getting in touch with your children’s needs and behaviors is very helpful in nurturing your child as they grow. You must keep in mind that every child has unique characteristics which could remain throughout his/her life.

Quick Guide to Understanding Your Child

One of the most important things that every parent should work on is understanding his/her child’s psychology. By embracing your children’s interests and knowing what their likes or dislikes, you will be able to connect with them deeply and guide them properly as they mature.

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten is an exciting time of exploration and growth. As your child grows, so too will his or her sense of independence, self-reliance, and self-confidence. However, these days, most children entering kindergarten already know their ABCs, basic sounds, shapes, numbers, and colors. With this, many parents often wonder when is the right time to enroll their kids in kindergarten and what skills do their children need to possess to determine their kindergarten readiness.

The Benefits of Learning Through Play

Children learn the most during their playtime. Studies have shown that learning through play is an important part of a child’s development.

Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Give your child an edge by enrolling them for Preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina. In this Christian Preschool, your child will have the opportunity to experience a more structured, classroom-based learning, a complete contrast from the education they get at home.

Successful Ways to Potty Train Toddlers

As a Preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina, we specialize in making sure your child is learning the basic life skills they will need in the future. One of these skills is potty training.

Preschool Bullying: Know the Signs

No parent would want their child to be harmed. There are plenty of child care services in North Carolina that will ensure your child’s security while studying. However, a growing number of bullying cases have been reported in these past years.

Preschool Bullying: How Your Child Can Handle It

If you think all 3 or 4-year-olds are angel, I’d hate to burst your bubble. Kids don’t have the cognitive ability to feel and show empathy at the age of 3. Even in a Christian preschool, kids may not have any idea that they are being mean to others.

Why It Is Important to Teach Values to Children

One of the most important aspects of teaching and parenting is imparting children with values that help mold them into respectable and upstanding members of society. A common question that many parents have is when and where to start. We at Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool, a preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina, provides this guide to help you decide which value you’d want to teach your child first.

The Benefits of Reading Out Loud to Your Children

We live in a society where you can receive information and entertainment at a tap of a finger. However, nothing beats reading stories to your child from their bedside. Aside from bonding with your kid, there are also many different benefits to reading to your child aloud. Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool, a provider of childcare services in North Carolina, is here to help you learn what these benefits are.

Home Activities for Your Child’s Cognitive Development

Cognitive skills collectively refer to the ability of a child to reason, think, and understand. At three, children start to develop and learn new skills and abilities. In Kindergarten, they learn how to ask questions, solve problems, memorize, count, and others. However, learning doesn’t only happen at school but also at home.

Is Your Child Socially Ready for Preschool?

Unlike physical development, a child’s social skills may be a bit difficult to track. How can you measure your child’s social development? Sending your child to a provider of child care services in North Carolina is one way to develop your child’s social skills. However, promoting your kid’s social skills starts at home.

How to Deal with Your Toddler’s Difficult Behavior

The first four or five years of your child is the best time for them to discover and learn new things. Though it can be exciting, this can also involve risks. The challenge starts when your child is learning how to deal with their emotions. 

When Your Child Lies: What You Should Know

Your son is playing in the other room. Suddenly, something crashed. You rushed into the room and found a broken vase next to your child. The guilty look on your baby’s face tells you everything but he said, “No, Mommy. I didn’t break it!” 

This isn’t the first time you caught him lying. In fact, his teacher from Daycare Services caught him lying as well. Should you be worried? 

Nutrition Tips to Keep Your Youngsters Healthy

The food that your young ones eat is crucial to their health and development. As part of child care services in North Carolina, ensuring that your children get the right nutrients is important. How do you do that? Here are nutrition tips to get you started:

Helping Your Children to Become Emotionally Healthy

Emotional well-being is an important aspect of any person’s life. How well an individual handles their emotions is a result of their childhood training in that aspect. Along with Christian education, the following tips can help you in encouraging your children to be emotionally healthy.