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Apps & Technology

Here you get information about new trends in technology and apps and get tips and tricks and news

Want to Know how to Make an App that can GO Viral ! Read This.

Wana make your App go viral follow these steps

  • Solve a Real Problem
  • Make it Simple yet Engaging
  • Evoke Emotions
  • Embrace Gamification Technique
  • Give Users the Control
How to become best in class in your industry with the help of Blockchain and AI technologies

AI gives Efficient Data Management, Personalization in your products, AI can Predit Future Accurate
and AI helps in Massive Error Reduction. While on the other hand Blockchain adding the much-coveted additional layer of security and transparency.

How To Develop An Effective Content Strategy for Your App?

The content that you deliver through the app, lies at the core of the way this app is going to perform, playing an instrumental role in grabbing and then retaining the attention of the right kind of users.

Know the best Messaging App in the world

WhatsApp Messenger is the #1 messaging app that takes the top spot in 104 countries (the maximum for any instant messaging app). Though this number has come down since December 2016 when it was 107 and, in the process, has lost some of the lead it had over Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger was the top messaging app in 58 countries in December 2016 but this year it has gained a significant number of users and has topped a total of 64 countries! This is quite a massive leap in quite a short while.

How To Make Your Small Business Cybersecure?

A firewall is the first line of defense in the event of a cyber-attack, which is why it is one of the most critical aspects of cybersecurity for any business.

How to Grow Your Small Business with Webinar

If you’re determined to make your business grow, you have to include webinar in your marketing strategies. All you need to know is how to create a webinar that increases conversions and engagements?

learn to increase the speed of your App development

Let’s put it out in the open, building an app for your business is going to be an expensive affair and it not only requires you to pour in some serious resources, but also needs a considerable amount of time before it can be launched to the target users.

Learn How GDPR Would Enhance Website Design and Development?

GDPR is more than mere regulations for the safety and privacy of data. It has a severe impact on the way websites today and in the future be designed and developed.

Ways to Improve Your App’s Ranking

The whole point of doing business is looking for something to help you and the whole business grow every day. The decision to build your own mobile app might, in fact, have come from that objective.

Apple Fall Event, 2018: A Bigger iPhone & An Improved Apple Watch

This Wednesday witnessed the much awaited and badly anticipated annual fall product event for Apple. One of the ‘biggest’ highlights was the iPhone XS Max which, at the screen size of 6.5” is the biggest iPhone launched yet, and the most expensive as well.

Why should you use simple Design in Your Mobile App?

The evolved app users today are looking for simplicity, which is why the developers too are opting for minimalistic design options.

How to enhance your app ranking?

The number of times your app is downloaded is one of the most basic and clear indicators of the success of your app. Now, while you might have a brilliant app in your kitty,

7 Amazing Ways Mobile Apps Are Changing the Business of Entertainment [For Good]

Today, we live in an era where the mobile apps have attained the status of a necessity and it is a lot more than some fancy thing on your smartphone.

Factors that influence the type of apps used by people – A Research

Latest research reports indicate that your home country is the single biggest factor that determines the type of apps you would be using.

Learn about ShipHike – A Mobile App that Lets Your Packages Hitch-Hike. Is This the Beginning of the End for Personal...

The phenomenon of novel concepts of mobile apps revolutionizing a traditional or a not so traditional arena has gained the status of a trend that is here to stay.

What are the ways to protect an firm from web application attack?

Web application attacks cannot be taken lightly, especially by financial institutions. However, if you were to orient your technological endeavours and approaches suitably, it can help you prevent it from turning into a disaster.

How to Overcome Challenges in Mobile App Development?

In this post we will be talking about leveraging the new age rapid app development tools to create apps while reducing the time and money investments for mobile app development.

Android nearing its end?

Rumors are doing rounds that the search engine giant, Google, is secretly working on a software project for the past two years, which

What is the Definitive Checklist for PWAs

Since iPhone was launched in 2007, developers have really been going all the way they can in order to develop and implement pure web

Meet Mobile Users’ Expectations from a Mobile App?

The app that you are building must function flawlessly and it is ideally the job of the team of developers to ensure just that with their coding skills & knowledge.

What are the Basics of Mobile Cloud Computing & Mobile Cloud Applications

App Builder Appy Pie: There is a wild popularity of mobile apps and it seems only to get higher as more and more mobile apps are being released for downloa

Top Security Issues to Prepare for In Mobile App Development

There are thousands of new apps that hit the market each week and probably an equal number of or more hackers ready to tap into these apps and phish out user information for malicious purposes. This puts a lot of responsibility on the app developers to work hard and ensure safety of their apps

A Definitive Guide to use Confidential Mode in your Gmail mobile app?

It is only recently that Google released a confidential mode for the desktop version of Gmail and it has emerged as an extremely important aspect and feature for several users.

Best WordPress Plugins for Business

Plugins are as essential to WordPress as WordPress is to your website. Not only does it let you add a whole lot of functionality to your website, but the real fun is that you do not have to do much of additional coding for that!

Apps To Keep The Kids Entertained

Here are the top Apps for kids that will help them to learn, grow and improve there ability along with entertainment.