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Updated by Yoctel Solutions on Aug 19, 2019
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Top Advantages of Examination System Software for Students As Well As Schools

The increasing popularity and demand of the internet and information technology, the students are becoming more familiar and inclined towards the World Wide Web. The distance learning and online education is becoming quite a popular tool in the world of education system.



Flexible Examination Management System

Flexible Examination Management System

It provides a flexible to the students as well as the faculty by making the examination process seamless and fully automated. It simplifies the exam results and provides them instantly as soon as the test paper is fully attempted and finished.


Centralized Administration

Centralized Administration

The online test platform – Exam on Air by Yoctel helps in easy processing of the exams. It provides a centralized dashboard which helps in managing all the assessments and tests. Where in, you can create tests, register the students, make and view result reports. Its adaptive scoring algorithm feature helps in determining the right level of easiness/difficulty of a question to ensure that the test is a right measuring scale of an individual’s knowledge.


Different Examination Algorithm & Pattern

This platform not only caters to entrance exams for colleges/universities but also competitive exams like UPSC, NEET, etc and EOA allows a smooth processing for every question and exam pattern.


Generate the Exams As Examiner's Need

It helps you generate the exams depending upon the needs of the examiner. Be it a multiple choice question (single/multiple), true and false, equation type question, etc. Set up marking scheme according to the type of question paper.
This platform provides you with the facility of offering study material in form of video and reading material and help them (students) enhance their knowledge.


Track the Progress of the Student’s

Along with accessing the tests uploaded you can also keep a track of the progress of the student’s pre and post examination, i.e., from the registration of the student to the ad till after the exams.
Apart from uploading tests, you can even generate tests using this software according to your needs and requirements, depending on the type of test it is. The test can be generated within a minute.


Insightful reports

Insightful reports with various meters to help the students get a complete idea about their strength and weakness. To them understand the concepts that they are struggling in and suggestions on how to improve them.
This online test platform supports any type of word image file or mathematics equations easily, for the online test paper.


Easy To Access

The administrator of the organization can manage all the tests (previously conducted, to be conducted), students’/faculty profiles, records, performance analysis from their profile.
This online examination system supports any kind of exam pattern and make sure that the students get a real time experience of the exam and get a clear idea of the preparation level, the strength and weaknesses and how to improve the weak areas.
It allows the students to appear at the state level, national level exams anytime, anywhere. So hundreds or thousands of students can appear for exams from various locations. The online exams can also be easily accessed 24/7 over the open test period.