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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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7 Must-Visit Locations in London - You Simply Cannot Miss Out

You can't visit London and not see a few of its most famous attractions. From London Bridge to the Tower of London, here are a few must-see locations.


London Bridge

A visit to London with would be incomplete without seeing one of its most well-known sites - London Bridge. Forever immortalised in the famed nursery rhyme, the bridge is a big tourist attraction and recently received an amazing upgrade. A daring glass panel floor has been added to the high walkways so that visitors can get a look of the 42-meter drop below of the road and river passing under. Aside from the vertigo-inducing panelling, the views across London from the bridge are stunning to behold.


The Tower of London

With 1,000 years' worth of history, you can't help but be amazed by this monument. Apart from its history as first a royal residence, then a prison, the tower is now most famous as the location of the Crown Jewels. Diamonds, tiaras, rings by the dozen, and of course, the crown, are all stored under the watch of its own security team. Hotels near Tower Bridge London the likes of centrally located Dorsett City London Hotel would be a good accommodation choice.


London Eye

While this larger than life, modern Ferris wheel doesn't exactly spin, the views it offers over the city are breath-taking. Gaze out over the Thames and central London, if you know where to look, you may even spot the Queen's rooms in Buckingham Palace. The compartments can even be booked for special engagements or for sunset/sunrise viewing.


Hampton Court Palace

One the home of the famously fickle Henry VII, visitors can now walk into the very rooms once occupied by princes and kings. Of course, aside from its kingly residents, it's also widely known for the queens met their end inside the palace walls. It is claimed the ghost of Anne Boleyn can still be seen running through corridors, her ghostly chains clinking behind her.


The Globe

Fans of Shakespeare will appreciate the opportunity to take in one of his plays in a traditional Elizabethan styled globe theatre. Back in the day, audiences watched performances on their feet, and at the Globe, that tradition still goes. Tickets are affordable and unless you're of short stature, you'll definitely get good views across the stage.


Hyde Park

Hyde Park has so much to offer visitors in terms of natural beauty and entertainment. The celebrated Speakers' Corner is an outdoor stage where politicians, activists and anyone else seeking a public audience can go to speak or simply listen. Several trails running around the park, perfect for skating, cycling and even horse riding. After exploring the vast area, rest at the Joy of Life fountain, a popular spot for locals who want to splash around in the cool water.


St Paul's Cathedral

The baroque style cathedral is a sight for sore eyes, both inside and out. Apart from the beautiful architecture and Christian imagery, head up to the Whispering Gallery and experience the unbelievable acoustics that resonates above. A unique aspect of the cathedral's architecture has somehow created a strange phenomenon - where two people standing on opposite sides of the dome can still hear each other so clearly, t is as if they are standing right next to the other.