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7 Reasons to Visit Kuala Lumpur – To Cajole You into Planning Your Next Tour

The capital city of Malaysia is a trove of attractions that seems to entice tourists of all calibre. Among the reasons to visit this pulsating city are its nightlife, shopping, dining and sightseeing.


The KL Museum

A museum has to be included in anyone's travel itinerary as it is the only way of getting into the grips of a city's history – a sophisticated traveller would not be satisfied with just dining and sightseeing. Holding a collection that shines light upon the country's history and heritage, the KL Museum boasts three subcategories: Malay World Gallery, Cultural Museum and Islamic Art Museum.


The exuberance of nightlife

With pubs, bars and nightclubs scattered all over the city, Kula Lumpur's nocturnal allure entices tourists into emerging from their Bukit Bintang hotel and joining the after-dusk frolic. The discos, the dance clubs, karaoke lounges and jazz bars hold sway of the city's nightlife while giving a new resolution to those who visit Kuala Lumpur.


The Cuisine

Anyone who has so much as heard of Malay cuisine would know that it is one of the drawcards of Kuala Lumpur. If you were to walk into an eatery in the city, you'd be greeted by the rich aroma emanating from the Malay dishes. In addition to experiencing a vast array of local dishes, you are also given a chance to sample Indian and Chinese delights.



Being a city that caters to every whim and fancy of the tourists, it's no surprise that the city is dotted with the likes of Dorsett Kuala Lumpur. Someone who's planning a tour to Kuala Lumpur can look forward to a comfortable stay at one of the many lodgings in the city – finding accommodation without having to compromise your budget is something Kula Lumpur is known for.


Aquaria KLCC

If you make your way down to the basement of KL Convention Centre, you'll be engulfed in a bluish glow which gives you the impression that you are standing in the middle of a gigantic fish tank. Known to be the largest aquarium in the city, Aquaria KLCC houses over 150 species of marine creatures. As you walk through the lengthy tunnel, for a short while, you'll be part of the enchanting marine life pacing side by side with sharks.


Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

The city has extended its tentacles into every category of the tourism sphere; aside from fine dining, luxurious accommodation and sightseeing, a tourist can throw glimpses of wildlife into the bargain. The Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, dating back 100 years, is one place in Kuala Lumpur where the din of city life meets with the beauty of nature. Located in the city centre, the forest reserve gives shelter to many species accustomed to living in the thick wilderness. Also, for more encounters with nature, you can visit KL Bird Park, National Zoo, Titiwangsa Lake Gardens.



Last but not the least, shopping in Kuala Lumpur is a cheery affair. Regarded as one of the best shopping destinations in the world, the city responds to an extensive list of caprices. With shopping malls endorsing designers and internationally famous brands, in Kuala Lumpur, visitors are inevitably pulled into a high-spirited shopping frenzy.