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Video Production for Lead Generation Tips!

Video Outcomes help businesses grow by using high quality video and digital marketing to help take the human cost out of cold calling and lead generation.
Video Outcomes are specialists at creating videos and measuring the audience response to develop sales leads and high quality introductions for direct to customer and business to business companies.



The best content is created with a specific audience in mind!

The best content is created with a specific audience in mind!

Video Outcomes is a consultancy that creates high quality video messaging for businesses and puts these videos in front of the businesses desired audience.

Quality video production can be the key difference between i) a person ignoring a piece of advertising entirely and ii) holding their interest for enough time to get your entire message across to them.

Developing the message with a very specific audience member in mind is key. [Video Outcomes] create engaging media to be targeted to very specific audiences. For example, would you develop one message for both CEO's and the general public? Or would you develop seperate messages for both groups? Most people would logically say to develop different messages.

So why do most companies only make one "about me" style video?

Take the human cost out of cold calling and lead generation

Video Outcomes combines the engagement that comes with high quality video production with e-mail marketing and laser targeted LinkedIn and Facebook advertising.

The sheer volume of people that these videos can reach should not be underestimated. But, most importantly, it is the analysis to determine who watched the video? how long did they watch it for? What company do they work for? What time of the day did they open their e-mails etc.

The volume of leads, the quality of leads and the cost efficiency in comparison to cold calling cannot be matched.

Video Outcomes - Connie Lichti Pottery School BMPCC 4k

Video Outcomes produced this video for the Connie Lichti Pottery School in Melbourne Australia.

This video has been used over many platforms including Facebook Advertising and in e-mail marketing campaigns. It was successfully utilised to help take the school's enrolments from 7 enrolments per week all the way to 150 enrolments per week!!

Video Outcomes

Video Outcomes is a Video Production Melbourne company based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in developing customer profiles to make more successful videos for targeted Social Media Advertisements, Website Seo and E-mail campaigns.

Production Quality? Appropriate Messaging? Video length? What makes a video successful?

A common mistake businesses make when producing a video is not keeping their target audience in mind i.e. their customer.

The video will tick many boxes for the business 1) what company does (tick!) 2) company history (tick!) 3) every single service the company provides (tick!).

Now the video is 5 minutes long and doesn't directly relate or appeal to any one business. The video production should have been focused on producing many short videos that appeal to many specific groups.

Not only does the company get bigger bang for buck (specific content and more of it) but these videos are prime for use for LinkedIn Ads, Facebook ads and e-mail marketing. These videos can actually be used to bring a significant ROI for the company instead of sitting on a homepage unwatched and unloved.

Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation?

The answer to "Which is the platform of choice for business to business lead generation?", is of depends.

It depends on what platform your audience uses the most. It turns out farmers don't really use Facebook...but they love Twitter!

You might be able to reduce your spend hoping to capture the head of marketing using facebook...or you could pay a little more and actually know they watched your video content.

There are many options for which platform is best to use and ultimately it comes down to your own budget to test each one of them...only if you're customer is using the platform mind you.enter link description here