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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 17, 2019
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5 Amazing Dishes in Singapore - A Wonderful Experience for the Foodies!

You will find Singaporeans greeting each other with 'Makan", meaning 'have you eaten?' If this is how you greet each other in this country, well rest assured, they are going to have some incredible dishes of food, to go with it, don't you think? Here's a list of the most amazing dishes of Singapore.


Chilli Crab

The Singaporean Chilli crab placed #35 on the World's 50 best foods which were conducted by CNN in 2011. Therefore, this exquisite dish is placed first on this list. If you don't try this, your Singaporean food adventure would not be complete. There are several ways to cook this dish, but the most popular ones are the crab cooked with black pepper sauce and the spicy tomato chilli sauce. Make sure to try both and select your personal favourite. To try out this delicious dish, you can always try a popular hotel. Restaurants in Singapore boasting of delicious food are sometimes part of a luxury hotel. You can check out properties like Dorsett Singapore for accommodation and a fine dining experience.


Nasi Lemak

The Nasi Lemak is not originally from Singapore and is a Malay dish, which is popular in Singapore too. Why? For its absolutely heavenly taste, of course! There are many ways to prepare this dish. This is basically another very rich dish, where its star is its aromatic rice that has been cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves. You don't only get the rice. With it, you'll be served with chicken wings or deeply fried fish, fried artichokes, eggs, peanuts, cucumber, fish paste and sambal.



The Otak-Otak is a Nyonya speciality which is popular in both Malaysia and Singapore. This is \ a type of cuisine that was introduced by the east Chinese immigrants of the country. The cuisine boasts of a rich flavour where the Chinese ingredients are incorporated with Malay cooking styles to bring about a dish you can only dream of. This dish is all about grilled or sometimes steamed fish cakes. Freshly cut pieces of fish are mixed in tapioca starch and then enwrapped in banana leaves.


Bak Kut Teh

This is also another dish that originated from China and is popular in Singapore too. The Bak Kut Teh is basically a dish of pork rib soup that is prepared with juicy and tender pork ribs. The pork ribs are simmered in a rich broth full of tasteful herbs for hours! The dish is served with a refreshing cup of tea. The soup itself is exquisite, and its broth peppery and flavourful.


Hainanese Chicken

This is another popular dish. So, what can you expect when you place an order of the Hainanese Chicken? Well, this is the chicken rice which is well known throughout the world. The chicken is cooked perfectly, that a bite of it, practically melts in the mouth. The rice is so fragrant and aromatic, you will catch the scent even before you see it. The chicken is served along with the rice, with some soy sauce and topped with cilantro. The flavours are all on point!