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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 17, 2019
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5 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong – Why You Should Include Hong Kong in your Bucket List

Going up the ladder of modernity but holding onto its rich traditions, Hong Kong sways tourists with many treasures. If indecision is what stops you from planning your trip, you might want to read on!


Horse racing

If you were of the idea that horse racing is exclusive to the border limits of Britain, you'd be quite wrong – Hong Kong too has its fair share of racing. One of the main reasons – and could be a novel experience to many – for the city's popularity as a tourist destination is horse racing. On Wednesdays and Sundays, the locals as well as tourists emulate the ways of the English and head over to Sha Tin and Happy Valley to make the best guess at the winner. The stadiums are filled with the cheer of the spectators, which is coupled with live music.



The best way to gape at the city's charming views is to hike. The diverse landscape of the city makes hiking a possibility which prods at the tourists with a thrilling experience. The composition of the city can be segmented into two parts: mountains and green spaces, which are inviting to those who love hiking. Secluded beaches, charming vistas and forests are some of the things a hiking trip in Hong Kong will warrant. If you set out to hike in the morning, you'll attest to the Hong Kong skyline being its best version.


Street art

Another feature that you'd not come to see in another Asian country is street art – a famous point of interest of the Hong Kong tourist scene. The vibrant art scene in Sheung Wan draws many foreigners into the area. Giving the shutters, walls and buildings a colourful sheen, street art thrives at the side streets in Hong Kong.


Temple Street

There's nothing like a bit of shopping to free your mind of worry and stress – assuming you don't empty your pockets making irresponsible buying decisions, if you did that, you'd be faced with financial constraints which would inevitably result in stress. Located paces away from Dorsett Tsuen Wan Hong Kong – one of the hotels near HK airport – is the Temple Street: a street garnished with night markets. For the bargain hunter, Temple Street is a dream come true – this iconic street has been featured in many movies, and a must visit if you are in Hong Kong. Among the things Temple Street brims with are furniture, food, crafts, antiques, garments and electronics. To amplify the buzzing, fun ambience of the place, there are also fortune tellers, opera singers and street performers.


The Best Dim Sum

You might have tried dim sum in other cities, but you've got to try the Hong Kong version of the popular nosh. If brunch is your new take on foreign travels, you must include dim sum in your meal. The freshly baked buns stuffed with vegetables and chicken flavourful of an array of different condiments are just the way to kick start your day.