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5 Amazing Sights in Hong Kong – Hong Kong's Best Attractions

Hong Kong is known to everybody as the city of lights and with good reason. The sparkly light shows, night markets and horse racing are a few factors that speak for the fame of Hong Kong.


Happy Valley Racecourse

Taking after the pastime in Great Britain, horse racing in Hong Kong is something that claims credit for being a unique experience. As the night descends, hundreds of spectators gather at Happy Valley Racecourse succumbed to their jokey whim. Coupled with beer, hot dogs and live music, the atmosphere, on Wednesdays, at Happy Valley Racecourse becomes electric buzzing with neon lights shot from Hong Kong Skyscrapers. If you ever imagined yourself placing a bet on the winner and cheering in anticipation of your wish, your time in Hong Kong is the best chance for you to live your imagination.


The Light Show

The endearing nickname city of lights is mainly down to this spectacular light show which is best viewed from the Victoria Harbour. If you are of the idea that the sight doesn't pose anything extraordinary, you'd be quite wrong in your thinking – tourists, as well as locals, flock together at the harbour and other viewing sights to be enchanted by thousands of differently coloured lights that are shot from surrounding buildings. If you are ensconced at the harbour, you are in for the best of it; there could be nothing better than the variously coloured beams of lights that gleam on the dark, rippling waters of Victoria Harbour.


Temple Street

Want to lose yourself in a shopping frenzy? Well, you are in the right place. A part of Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong – a suggestion if you are on the lookout for a Wanchai hotel – Temple Street is the most eventful in the city after nightfall. The street is lined with shops brimming with crafts, clothes, souvenirs, gift items, antiques and not to mention street food. Despite the time of the day, the street is visited by hundreds of people who pace up and down looking for a good bargain. To accelerate the fun you are going to have shopping; there are street performers, opera singers and fortune tellers.


View from the rooftop bars

The best bit of Hong Kong nightlife is claimed by the rooftop bars. Standing above the waterline views, rooftop bars offer you the most sought-after setting for a romantic evening. The ambience rich with the sweeping views of the city, the cool evening breeze and the night sky presents you the perfect antidote for your worn-out self.


The Temples

Every corner of Hong Kong oozes out modernity and glamour. But to add the delightful variation, there are temples that act contrary to the general notion the city is famous for. An important part of the local life, these temples are visited by locals on a daily basis to worship various deities. Shrouded in the smoke emanating from burning incense, temples in Hong Kong are embellished with Chinese motifs.