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7 Amazing Dishes in Hong Kong - The ones you really should try!

Hong Kong is one of the perfect destinations for food lovers. The local cuisine here has influences from a number of countries making the food exquisite. On top of that, it showcases a number of international cuisines too. Here is a list of the amazing dishes of Hong Kong that you should try.



Let us start this list with one of the most ancient dishes which is popular in this country. The Wontons are also referred to as chāo shǒu which is translated into meaning 'crossed hands'. When you order this dish, you'll be served with a clear broth that has many ingredients in it which are sometimes even stir-fried. You can choose duck, chicken or pork meat. Wontons come in different shapes too. The dish is delicious and healthy.


Roast Goose

How about some meat variety when in Hong Kong? We all try chicken, beef and seafood almost on a daily basis. How about some other kind of meat? Goose, perhaps? Well then, you really have come to the right place. The roast goose in Hong Kong is a signature dish of the Cantonese cuisine. One whole goose is obtained and roasted to perfection with incredible ingredients that bring out its flavour in rich delicious bouts. The skin is crispy, and the flesh is juicy. What more can you ask for from a dish? Besides, if you are looking for Kowloon city restaurants to try authentic dishes, you can check out places like Silka West Kowloon.


Wind Sand Chicken

What could this possibly be? Wind sand chicken? Well, this is a very popular dish introduced by Guangdong, which became very famous here. One whole chicken gets marinated and gets baked for about twenty minutes, during its preparation. Baking turns the skin into a brown colour. The garlic chops that are added make it look like windblown sand. So that's how this dish gets its name. To add to that, the skin of the meat is very crispy whereas the meat is very juicy and tender. Another dish that wins hearts.


Shrimp and Chicken Balls

We all like a good snack, don't we? So how about trying the shrimp and chicken balls when in Hong Kong? If you're wondering what that is, well then read on to find out more. The Chinese call it the 'dragon and phoenix balls'. That's quite an intriguing name. The dragon basically refers to the shrimp whereas the Phoenix to the chicken. The Dragon usually symbolises the Emperor and the Phoenix the queen.


Phoenix Talons

Let's try another Phoenix dish, shall we? This is a dish of chicken feet. How could you have possibly thought that could be a delicious dish right? It is, and it is very popular in these parts. In its preparation, it is very important to make sure to cut the nails of the feet before you fry them. The well marinated and fried chicken is kept on a plate, and then inside a bamboo steamer. Afterwards, the feet are soft and tender, and you can tear apart the very flavourful fleshy bits quite easily.