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Health and Social

YOGA! a simple way to keep healthy and young | SatWiky

Who does not want to look great and stay healthy? When you are healthy, your skin will do the talking. Natural glow is all that matters. Instead of going to beauty salons and gym and spending time as well as so much money, why can’t you take some alternate way to keep yourself young and beautiful? Sounds interesting? Well… we all know that yoga helps us in staying fit but how many of us know that it helps us to look prettier as well? Read on to know more. The yoga schools Rishikesh can give you all the information you want to know about yoga. If you practice yoga regularly then you can yourself feel the difference. Instructors in yoga classes in Rishikesh know A to Z of yoga. Whatever you want to be benefitted with, you can get it by doing yoga.

Dieting Tips for Campus Students | SatWiky

It’s very difficult to manage a diet plan or daily routine when you’re a college student. What free time you have, you’d probably prefer to use for other priorities. But a healthy diet is always important — it helps you improve your focus, boosts your immune system, and makes you feel better in general. With just a little effort, you can make sure that you eat well every day.

How to start your day with positive energy? | SatWiky

For a good start of every day that we are thinking should be positive & energyfull. It is important that we have a focus and command at your own objectives.

WhatsApp launched some new feature to increase user experience better | SatWiky

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app. for better services for users, the company brings new features. Apart from this, the company is also testing several features in its beta app for Android and iOS. Soon, these features will come in your WhatsApp. We are telling you about 5 features that have recently come up in WhatsApp and they will make the user experience better and efficient. user will enjoy and likes new features of WhatsApp.

Say no to Gmail notifications on your Desktop | SatWiky

Gmail is a notable email service and mobile application designed by Google. Gmail makes sure you get each and every email sent by others and it notifies you about the same. It becomes quite annoying when Gmail notifies you every other minute on the desktop. Several users do not prefer email notifications on desktop due to the scheduled time for checking their emails and it notifies them unexpectedly any time. If you are among those who do not prefer Gmail notifications on your system or laptop desktop, then you have come to the right place.

Gaming business perceives 12 billion attacks in 17 months: Akamai | SatWiky

The Gaming Business has converted a growing target with 12 billion credential stuffing outbreaks in 17 months, CDN provider Akamai Technologies stated.

India will build its own space station in space: ISRO chief | SatWiky

India is preparing to create its own space center in space. It will be one of the most ambitious projects in Indian history. The ISRO chief informed about this. India has fixed the date for this project by 2030. By using a 20-ton space station, India will be able to use the microactivism associated with it. The main purpose of creating this space center is that the astronauts of India can spend 15-20 days in space.

Siri to Get Skills to Play Music from Third-Party Apps, May Ease Spotify | SatWiky

With an opinion to taking on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Apple brings up-to-date Siri with the skill to play music from third-party audio apps.

How to protect yourself from diseases during the rainy season | SatWiky

The rainy season is a season of inviting diseases, because the rains in this season spread mosquito and bacteria diseases caused by waterlogging, mud and dirt in many places. Apart from this, bacteria grow more due to moisture in the weather, which contaminate water and foods, cause diseases of the body.

WATER, the elixir of life | SatWiky

The entire country is battling the water crisis. If the water is not preserved, then it will have to fight. To save water, we all have responsibility. For this, all have to come forward. At one time our country was the richest in the matter of water. When there was royalty, the water problem was diagnosed by using well and puddle. Thereby, the thirst of the animal-bird was extinguished, along with it was very useful for agriculture. But the blind race of development has transformed ponds, canals, and ponds into luxurious emotions. By which the sources of water almost went dry. Survivable water is also on the verge of drying. No special attention was paid to the ponds in the villages. The wells are going dry. People have begun to resort to the handpumps and the submersible pump. More and more people are becoming more affordable.