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Headline for Most Advanced Organ Specific Onco Surgery In Bangalore!
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Most Advanced Organ Specific Onco Surgery In Bangalore!

Dr Shabnam Basheer is one of the topmost organ specific onco surgeon in Bangalore. She is an established, extensive and versatile Colorectal cancer surgeon. With more than 12 years of experience she is a pioneer in this field.

About Dr. Shabnam Bashir

Organ Specific Cancer Treatment is now available in Bangalore. Dr Shabnam Basheer is one of the expert organ specific onco surgeon in Bangalore who is a master in Colorectal Cancer treatment.

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With more than 12 years of experience she is a versatile organ specific onco surgeon especially in the treatment of Colorectal Cancer. She is now working as Consultant Colorectal Surgeries and organ-specific Surgical Oncologist (Breast Colorectal & Peritoneal Surface Cancers).

Most common Benign Breast Diseases

Women's breast undergo some differences during the time of period, puberty and at the time of pregnancy. Most of the breast problems are in benign conditions that is non cancerous. Get it treated from Dr Shabnam Basheer.

Breast Cancers

Breast cancer occurs when the cancerous tumors occur in the breast tissues. Get the best treatment for breast cancers from Dr Shabnam Basheer.

Most Common Benign coloproctology disorders

Get the best treatment for all colorectal disorders from Dr Shabnam Basheer.

Colorectal cancers (Early/locally advanced/metastatic)

Colorectal cancer is the fourth common cancers in the world. Colorectal cancer is a the cancer in the digestive system. It is mainly due to unhealthy diet, drinking, smoking and unhealthy eating habits. Get it corrected from Dr Shabnam Basheer.

Cytoreductive Surgery with HIPEC

Cytoreductive surgery is the surgery done for patients to remove all the tumors in the peritoneal surface of the abdomen. Get the best treatment from Dr Shabnam Basheer.

PIPAC Therapy for advanced colorectal cancer

PIPAC is normally used in patients with colorectal, ovarian, gastric and appendiceal cancers and other rare peritoneal tumours in the palliative setting. It is offered to patients who have progressive peritoneal disease on one or more lines of systemic chemotherapy, patients who do not want systemic chemotherapy and those who have chemotherapy-refractory ascites due to any primary tumour.

Laparoscopic (Keyhole) surgeries for all feasible conditions

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that allows the surgeon to have access to all body part with minimal invasiveness. Dr Shabanam basheer is a trained laparoscopic surgeon who is an expert in all kinds of laparoscopic surgeries.

Robotic surgeries

Robotic surgery is an advanced form of laparoscopic surgery. In robotic surgery the robot stands as a mode between the patient and the surgeon. Dr Shabnam Basheer is highly skilled in robotic surgery.

Diagnostic Services Available

Get the best diagnosis and treatment plan from Dr Shabnam Basheer.

Dr. Shabnam Bashir (@DrShabnamBashi1) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Dr. Shabnam Bashir (@DrShabnamBashi1). Dr. Shabnam Bashir has time and again proved her extensive and versatile expertise as a Colorectal Cancer Surgeon