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Maple Lawn Montessori of Laurel

Maple Lawn Montessori is the best and only contemporary Montessori preschool which prescribes amalgamated diverse teaching methodologies: Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Pearson, and Web-based learning; all of which are transcontinental, time-tested, and successful.

Why Enroll Your Child in a Daycare?

Exposing your child in an early learning experience in a Montessori Preschool in Maryland allows them to prepare for kindergarten and up. It is also necessary to help them establish and improve their knowledge, skills, and mindsets so that they can thrive in school as well as when they grow up.

A Positive Environment Can Help a Child’s Development

A child needs a positive environment, like a Montessori daycare, to nurture and help them learn. It's an efficient way for them to learn and feel confident about their sense of self and personal achievements.

Why Children Look Forward to Family Holidays

Family holidays are essential for children’s development. The time your child has spent in a Montessori daycare may have improved their learning and social skills. However, family holidays are an opportunity for them to rest, play, and fully experience being a child who savors the attention and affection that they get from their parents.

Natural Consequences Can Improve Problem-Solving Skills

As a parent, you're wiser than your little one. You understand that every decision and action has natural consequences. Surely, you have experienced doing things that result in a good and bad outcome.

Creating a Morning Routine for Your Preschooler

As a working parent, you may find mornings quite hectic. If your child is starting preschool at a Montessori preschool in Maryland, you must establish a different morning routine to help them and yourself adjust to the changes.

Educate Your Child About Other People’s Pets

Some children who are close to their pets at home may believe that other animals in the neighborhood, park, or anywhere are as friendly as their own. However, they can’t be more wrong about this.

Managing Your Child’s Scribbling Habits

When you were still a child, do you remember scribbling on your house walls and then end up getting scolded by your parents? And now your child is doing the same thing! Now, why is that?