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A Promising Tomorrow Early Care & Educational Center

We recognize that children are unique and special with their own talents and developmental needs. That is why we aim to help students meet Ohio’s Learning and Development Standards for their age or grade using various methods in terms of classroom instruction, small-group projects, and after-school enrichment.

Some Helpful Tips for Feeding Picky Eaters

We at A Promising Tomorrow Early Care & Educational Center are very familiar with the food drama you encounter at home. We might just have a few useful tricks that can help you please your picky eater.

Communicating with Children: How Was Your Day?

Now that your child is in preschool, there are a lot of things in their life that you no longer get to see personally. You won’t be able to see how they aced that math question in class or how they gave their seatmate their extra snacks. Since you no longer see a lot of what’s going on in your child’s daily life, the importance of establishing constant communication is intensified.

Parent Handbook: How to Raise Well-Mannered Kids

Raising a child is a big responsibility. You can’t just feed a child, bathe them, take them on walks, and reward their accomplishments. That’s not how children work. You have to make sure they grow up, gain independence, and become well-mannered individuals who positively contribute to society in the future.

How to Select a Preschool for Your Child

The selection process can be honestly overwhelming. There’s a myriad of aspects you must take into consideration to make sure your child will have a promising educational and fun experience. Never settle for mediocrity. Your careful planning and evaluation are critical in the selection process.

Tips 101: Nutritious Foods for Finicky Kids

Getting your kids to eat healthy foods is tough. It gets even tougher when they are so picky. Picky eaters have their own taste and preference of foods that makes even the simplest snack tricky to cook. However, there are a few tricks you can do to make your kids eat healthy, nutritious foods.

Help Your Child to Make Friends in Preschool

When you enroll your child in a daycare in Ohio, you must teach them how to make friends with other children so they won’t feel left out and enjoy life outside their home. You can start by teaching them how to greet and introduce themselves as they extend their hand for a handshake.

Children Need Good Sleep to Enjoy and Thrive in School

Children need to get sufficient amount of sleep before they go to their daycare in Ohio. Otherwise, it will be hard for them to focus on daycare programs. If they feel sluggish, they may not have the enthusiasm to participate in any activities because they are likely to fall asleep. Worse, they may get irritable and start picking fights with their peers.

Encourage Your Child to Eat Breakfast Daily

Breakfast is an excellent way to give your child’s body the energy it needs for preschool in Toledo, Ohio. Taking a breakfast daily is important because they provide sufficient nutrients that help your child stay focused and active throughout the day at school. Thus, they can participate in physical activities, which can help them maintain a healthy weight.

Family Time Is Important for Every Child

If you’re a working parent, there are times when spending quality time with your child becomes too taxing because you feel already exhausted. Sometimes, you get irritated whenever they seek your attention and play with you while you’re worrying about something else.

Clean Little Hands Are Good to See

Children need to know the importance of hand hygiene, especially in their early years. Taking a bath at least once a day can already help with their overall hygiene, but by regular hand washing, it increases their health protection throughout the day.

Childhood Vaccines Are Always Important

When you’re a new parent, it can be quite overwhelming when your child’s pediatrician tells you that your little one needs to get a vaccine, according to a child care expert.

Build Your Child’s Confidence

Self-confidence comes from a sense of competence. To put it simply, children develop confidence not because their family or friends praise but because of their positive and realistic perception of their own abilities. This arises out of achievements, no matter how big or small.

Assisting in Your Child’s Sensory and Motor Skill Development

All children learn and develop sensory and motor skills at varying paces, which is why A Promising Tomorrow Early Care & Educational Center engages children in a wide range of age-appropriate sensory activities.

Calming Down the Kindergarten Jitters

Your child might feel nervous or anxious about the first day of school. At A Promising Tomorrow Early Care & Educational Center, we’ve seen kindergarten children jitter on school openings. If you have enrolled your little one at our preschool in Toledo, Ohio, here are some tips to calm your jittered child down

Tips on How to Nurture Your Young Child’s Love for Music

Music plays a huge role in our culture. You see it present in many aspects of our lives: movies, holidays, church service, theater, military ceremonies, and preschool in Toledo, Ohio.

Tips to Getting Your Child Motivated for School

If your child seems to be struggling in their preschool in Toledo, Ohio, the first thing you have to do is to identify what obstacles they are facing. There’s always that one subject that we struggle with, maybe that’s the case, or it could be a sign of learning issues and need a roundabout way of solving them. Showing your child that you have their back no matter what keeps them motivated to do their best.

First Few Values: Learning to Share

Teaching your child the importance of sharing is important. This teaches children about compromise and fairness, as well as, getting along with others. Children learn about sharing from their parents, this is then honed and practiced in their Preschool in Toledo, Ohio.

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Developing early literacy skills makes it easier for children to learn how to read and write. Children with strong literacy skills perform better in school and are able to develop healthier relationships with peers and adults.

Handling Perfectionism in Children

It’s good for children to hold high expectations of themselves. But if when it reaches a point where they can no longer accept experiences unless they are “perfect,” they will never be satisfied with their performance.