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Tips for Wakeboarder Beginners - Feel the Rush!

If regular surfing is not your thing then wakeboarding is a good alternative. Here are some tips that will help wakeboarding beginners in Doha.

Wakeboarding is an activity you can enjoy in the sea! It is a popular watersport most adventure junkies like to experience. Those who enjoy the water can never get enough of wakeboarding. If you need adrenaline-pumping adventure in your holiday then check with 5 star hotels in Doha if they have wakeboarding programs. If you stay at the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara you will be able to enjoy a range of watersports including wakeboarding.


Be ready to fall flat on your face

Beginner wakeboarders will eventually understand that you will fall flat on your face but you won't understand why! One minute you'll be swooshing along fine and the next minute you'll taste seawater. Your instructor is the best person to tell you what exactly you did wrong so listen carefully.


Work on your arms

Wakeboarding is going to be tough on your arms. So if you workout then you need to do some extra exercise for your arms. You will start smoothly holding onto the rope but within minutes, your arms will start aching. Your arms will hurt afterward but with time it will become better.


Footwork matters

If you are familiar with surfing, skateboarding or snowboarding it'll be easy to figure out the stance of your feet on the board. The way you keep your feet will come naturally, it's usually the most comfortable position to stand.


It hurts to slam on water

If you've ever belly-flopped into a pool then you know how it hurts to slam into water. When you are been moved forward at a high speed then taking a tumble into the water can hurt, so be prepared.


Keep your rope short

As a beginner its easier to stand up if you use a short rope. You will have a better balance with a short rope and since you are closer to the boat, it's easier to communicate with the instructor. It is recommended for beginners to use a rope that is 30-50 feet long.


Don't tug the rope

It is natural for beginners to tug at the rope however, don't do it. Wakeboarding is about letting the boat pull you. If you pull the rope, it may cause the edge of the board to dig inside the water and you may end up falling flat on your face. You need to keep your arms straight.


Hold the handle the correct way

Your instructor may tell you this but always remember to keep the handle low and closer to your hip. Beginners tend to hold the handles high but this may cause you to lose balance.


Look straight ahead

One of the best tips to follow as a beginner is to, look straight ahead when you are moving. Avoid looking at the rope or your feet, which might cause too much pressure. The best is to gaze forward!


Hire a board

If you are unsure if you will enjoy the sport, it's best to rent a boat. Spending a ton of money on a wakeboard is of no use unless you plan to use it regularly.