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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 14, 2019
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List of Beach Hacks for Your Summer Holiday - For a Hassle-Free Holiday!

When you are taking a beach holiday on the Arabian Sea in Oman, here are some useful hacks to keep in mind.


Remove the sand

All of us struggle to shake off the sand stuck on our hands and between the toes after a day at the beach. The best solution for this is to use some baby powder, which you can sprinkle on your feet, and hands, then brush it off softly. As a result, you will smell good too and can fight off the sweat smell in the heat.


Taking care of valuable items

Keeping your car keys, phone or cash securely when on the beach can be tricky. You can try wrapping your belongings in an unused diaper so that it looks like a used diaper ball and thieves wouldn't dare to touch it. Another trick is to use an empty mega-sized sunscreen bottle to store valuables. That will help these items to go unnoticed.


Keeping your smartphone safe

Smartphones have become an important part of our daily lives and even more whilst on holiday. Make sure your phone is kept safely in a sealable plastic bag. You will keep the sand and water away from the phone.


Cool your skin burns

You will likely get a sunburn during a beach holiday. The best trick to heal sunburnt skin is to apply cooling aloe on the affected area. Using lotion will not help ease the burning sensation but aloe definitely will. Keep the piece of aloe inside the fridge since it will feel like magic on burnt skin. If you don't have aloe then yoghurt would be a great alternative to ease sunburns.


Coconut oil for frizzy hair

Frizzy hair can be a menace especially if you've got curls. One of the healthiest and hassle-free ways to keep your hair detangled and healthy is to spray a mix of water and oil.


Beat the heat on your flip-flops

When you leave shoes on the beach, keep them face down. This will ensure that the shoes don't feel uncomfortably hot when you wear them.


Pick your snacks wisely

Getting dehydrated under the scorching sunlight is normal hence make sure to carry fruits and vegetables that can keep you hydrated. These are not only for hydration but is also a healthy option when on holiday. If you are staying in a Salalah beach resort such as the Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara then you can order a fruit or veg platter to carry to the beach.


Keep your drinks cool

If you don't own a freezer box then the best trick is to keep a bottle of juice in the freezer. There will be a block of ice in the bottle, which will last for a long period even if you want to refill it with another drink.


Blocked ears

If you get water blocked in your ears after swimming, this is what you can do. To restore the pressure take a normal balloon and pinch your nose and start blowing it. You will hear a pop sound, which indicates that the pressure in your inner ear has restored.