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Headline for Must-Try Food in Johor Bahru that's Worth the Calories - Forget the Calories as the Taste Sets in
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Must-Try Food in Johor Bahru that's Worth the Calories - Forget the Calories as the Taste Sets in

Johor Bahru is the capital of the state of Johor in Malaysia and it is a popular tourist location as there are many things to do and so much to eat to tantalise your taste buds with.



Yes, it is basically carbs wrapped up in oil but once you taste the Prata in Johor Bahru you will no longer think about the sacrifice you are making. The Prata at the shops in Johor Bahru street shops is sought after even by the households in the city. Most people get takeaway from the shops to have them with curries prepared at home. If you are dining out then you will be given a variety of curies to select from. Chicken, fish, seafood, mutton and vegetable curries are the most common ones that can be found in the restaurants.


Indian Food

If you are a fan of Indian food you will not be disappointed when you try the Indian food in Johor Bahru. The range and variety are bound to make you feel like you are in India as there isn't much of the Indian food that you cannot find in Johor Bahru. If you walk into the restaurant at a Hotel at Johor Bahru you are bound to find a section that says Indian on the Menu. Most of the chefs at the Indian restaurants are Indian hence, the authentic cuisine.


Roasted Duck

You do not have to worry too much about the calories with this because we can pass it as protein. However, the roasted duck at the restaurant is served with fried rice and some dishes that have gravy to make the dining experience wholesome. When you start indulging on the roast duck you will no longer want the sides as it is extremely mouthwatering. The restaurants that serve this dish has been in business for many years but hasn't bothered much about changing the exterior of the shops but, do not let that convince you otherwise as you must try the roast duck in Johor Bahru. Berjaya Waterfront Hotel is known among locals to serve a delightful roast duck.


Ice cream

Ice cream is generally not a type of food that is prepared right in front of you. The ice cream parlour on Johor Bahru is so popular not just for the tantalising flavours but also for the experience you get to witness with the preparation, done right in front of your eyes. The ice cream is freshly made right in front of you and you get to feast with your eyes before you feast with your tongue!


Pizza and wine

If you love Italian food then you are undoubtedly a fan of pizza. The Pizza and wine combination in an Italian restaurant is one of the best locations to dine in with a group. Even as a family it is a great location to go and hang out as the restaurants are spacious and the food is absolutely delightful. If you are worried about all the carbs you are consuming this will all be forgotten as you dive into the first bite of your pizza. The food is extremely enjoyable.