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15 Things to do in Tioman Island - Explore Tioman Island

Tioman Island is located off the east coast of Malaysia which is a nature reserve that is most popular for the breathtaking beaches. Apart from sunbathing, there are many things you can do at Tioman Island.



Find your self swimming with the marine animals that accept you as one of their own. You get to witness a stunning variety of fish and corals as the water is clear and crisp.


Scuba Diving

Dive into the ocean to discover the stunning marine life and the world hidden away from the day to day eye. You are able to learn from experts if this is your first time and if you are a professional then you can rent the gear and have a blast of a time in the ocean.


Ride on a banana boat

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting group activities in Tioman Island. With a minimum of 4 people on the boat, this inflated boat is bound to give you a memorable experience in these stunning beaches.


Go kayaking

Kayaking is very popular on Tioman Island. Even if you are experienced or a beginner you will be able to rent the gear and be assisted by the locals.


Take an ATV ride

An exciting way to experience the island and nature as you get to drive an ATV while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and the company of your friends.


Bask in the sun

If you are visiting an island then basking in the sun and taking in the view is definitely on the bucket list.


Trekking in the rainforest

If you love nature this is a must-do activity and you are bound to love it. Berjaya Tioman Resort is able to arrange a toured trekking experience that you can enjoy and learn from.


Explore the Asah Waterfall

The waterfall is located near the Mukut Village making it an attraction that is popular among most tourists. There are many ways to approach the waterfall which also allows you to explore the flora and fauna on the way.


Go cycling

Cycling around the island is one of the most sought after activities as you get to breathe the fresh air while treating your eyes to the stunning landscapes.


Play beach volleyball

Ever wanted to try beach volleyball? This is the second most common sport in Tioman Island and played in a mix of males and females. Most Tioman Hotels that have a beachfront also have a beach volleyball net.


Play frisbee

If there is one game extremely popular game, then that is playing Frisbee. From the youngsters to the middle-aged people the beaches of full of locals that are happy to welcome you to a game of frisbee.


Savour the food

One of the most delightful things about travelling is being able to indulge in a range of different food. The unique and delightful food you will come across in Tioman Island will leave a lasting mark on your tastebuds.


Watch the golden sunset

The sunset at Tioman Island is unlike anything you will see anywhere in the world. Plan to spend an evening on the beach and gather up to witness the stunning golden sunset as it is known worldwide.


Visit Genting Village

Genting Village is where you can visit in order to be able to learn the traditions and cultures of Tioman Island


Enjoy a game of Golf

If you planned to only be sunbathing in Tioman Island then you were clearly misled as to the number of things available on the island. If you are a golfer you would love to play a game at the stunning golf course in Tioman Island.