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10 Famous Foods You Must Try in the Philippines - Tantalising Food from the Philippines

Travelling to the Philippines is doubly exciting if you are a foodie as there is a variety of dishes to try that are a delightful treat to your tastebuds.



Adobo is the unofficially-official national food in the Philippines. It is one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines and there isn't a single restaurant in Metro Manila that does not serve a delightful Adobo. The dish is made with a combination of chicken and pork which is cooked with vinegar and black-pepper, infused with garlic.



Love street food? Lumpia is the ideal dish to try as you are bound to love it. The dish is a deep-fried spring roll which comes with a traditional filling of diced vegetables, meat and garlic. There are different kinds of sauce served with Lumpia which makes it extremely exciting.



If you love roast chicken, then Inasal will blow your mind. Inasal is one food dish in the Philippines that you should definitely taste. The roasted chicken is full of flavour as it is made with several different spices and ingredients. Inasal is a famous meal for lunch as it is served with rice, vegetables and two types of dip.



Pancit is a dish that has been developed with the influence of Chinese cuisine. The unique factor about this dish is that it can vary from location to location and customer to customer. The dish is made with noodles and a combination of meat and vegetables as per the customer's liking.



Sinigang is a traditional food in the Philippines. It has a distinct flavour of Tamarind, as Tamarind is used extravagantly. Spinach, eggplant, fish sauce, seafood and tamarind are all made together as it is a one-pot dish.


Cassava Cake

Cassava Cake is a truly traditional dessert in the Philippines. It is loved by locals and foreigners alike and you are bound to keep going back for more. The main ingredients for the dessert are freshly grated cassava flour and coconut milk. The cake is traditionally baked on coal which adds to the flavour.


Arroz Caldo

If you are a fan of healthy food and looking forward to getting your hands on some healthy food in the Philippines then you would absolutely love the Arroz Caldo. This dish did not originate in the Philippines but developed with the influence of Spanish and Chinese cuisines. The dish is a mouthwatering rice soup which is also referred to as a broth.



Yet another dish introduced to the Philippines by Spain, the Chicaron is a deep-fried pork dish. The dish is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside making it a delightful snack. A delightful Chicharon is served at the restaurant at Berjaya Makati Hotel.



If there is a feast in the Philippines you are bound to find Lechon served at the event. This dish is a roasted whole pig which is cooked to perfection. The most delightful part about this dish is the crispy skin.



One of the best things about visiting the coastal area is the seafood that is available in abundance. Kinilaw which is a common and mouth-watering dish made with seafood and vegetables cooked in an open fire with vinegar is a popular dish in the Philippines.