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Updated by Be Strong Physio on May 11, 2020
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Be Strong Physio

Be Strong Physio offers healing services in Toronto and Scarborough through physiotherapy, helping with recovery from injury or illness. We offer massage therapy, sports physiotherapy, and chiropractor services in Scarborough and Toronto for patients who need to build strength and mobility.

The Effects of Bad Posture on Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Injuries | Be Strong Physio

Poor posture can affect your overall health and well-being. Over time, slouching can lead to chronic shoulder pain and rotator cuff injury. Here are the facts about posture and what you can do to reduce and avoid pain and shoulder damage.

The Benefits of Using a Sit-to-Stand Desk | Be Strong Physio

Does sitting at a desk all day cause body pain or make you tired? Consider a sit-to-stand desk to prevent pain and have better focus.

How To Reduce Work-Related Pain | Be Strong Physio

Various conditions cause pain at work. Discover simple ways you can manage your pain so that you can maintain your productivity and quality of life.

Why Are My Joints Cracking? | Be Strong Physio

Ever wondered why your joints crack sometimes? Click here to find out why and whether it's cause for alarm. You'll also find some things you can do to keep your joints in good condition and avoid any scares.

Raking Leaves Can Cause Back Pain: Fall Activities That "Leaf" You Suffering | Be Strong Physio

Raking leaves can cause back pain. Read on to learn how you can avoid injury, muscle tension, and misalignment of the spine. Call Be Strong Physio to book chiropractic, acupuncture, and physiotherapy services in Toronto.

Sports Physiotherapy - Toronto | Be Strong Physio

Be Strong Physio offers sports physiotherapy for Toronto athletes engaging in either recreational or highly competitive sports activities. We have an excellent team of sports physiotherapists who will provide an assessment and a personalized treatment plan. Call us today at 416-792-6440.

How Physical Therapy Helps Heal Common Basketball Injuries | Be Strong Physio

Sustaining a debilitating injury should not mean the end of your basketball dream. Get physical therapy or physiotherapy in Toronto now. Call Be Strong Physio and we will help you make a triumphant comeback in the hardcourt.

Chiropractic | Be Strong Physio

We are Scarborough-based physiotherapy clinic with chiropractic services. Our experienced and well-trained team of chiropractors will provide a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan to help you recover from injury or illness. Call us at (647) 779-5502.

Spine Matters: It’s Never Too Late to Care for Your Spine | Be Strong Physio

The health of your spine is an important aspect of your overall well-being and can affect other parts of your body. Enhance your general health care regimen by taking care of your spine with the help of these few tips.

3 Best Foods for Your Joint Health | Be Strong Physio

Be active and enjoy the activities you love even as you age by protecting and strengthening your joint health. Add these 3 foods for your joints to your everyday diet. Take a look at their health benefits and what dishes you can enjoy them with.

Exercises to Stay Fit While Working From Home | Be Strong Physio

Working from home may have its benefits, but it’s easy to descend into a sedentary lifestyle when you’re indoors 24/7. Here are some workouts to help you stay fit while working from home!