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10 most influential people in Tech

I came up with some of the most influential people in technology, focusing more on leaders that have played crucial roles to improve the way we live in recent times.

A List of All Companies Secretly Listening In On Your Conversations

Facebook has been paying hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe clips of audio from users of its services, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

Apple TV: How to get Apple Subscription TV Service

Each member of an Apple Subscription TV Service gets unlimited access to the entire catalog of original TV content for $7.99 per month. Learn how to get the Apple Subscription TV Service.

10 most compelling cell phones

From Motorola's quite 80s DynaTAC block to the Nokia 3310 with its variable spreads and Samsung's dangerous System Note 7 – these are the telephones that matter the most.

5 Traveling Applications That Are Must Be Owned While On Holiday Abroad

Holidays are the most awaited time when being busy at work. On vacation, we will get plenty of time to have fun, find peace after the office work or look for inspiration for other work needs. Vacation can be anywhere,
like in the country or abroad as well.For those of you who plan to go on vacation abroad, you can maximize the gadgets that are owned for various things,
ranging from the need for exchange of money, location search, even to request security assistance from
the Indonesian Embassy can also with the help of applications through the gadget that you have.

Wait…Elon Musk wants to nuke Mars? - Technowize

On August 16, Elon Musk sent a tweet: “Nuke Mars!” Does this mean the founder and CEO of Tesla literally wants to nuke the Red Planet? We hope not! Planet Earth is still experiencing the repercussions of setting off two nuclear bombs.

New tech will make it easier to fuel spacecraft in space

new tech to fuel spacecraft in space will make it space missions to far away destinations such as the Moon and Mars plausible.

Information Warfare: US Army is not Battlefield Ready

Speaking at the military technology conference TechNet Augusta on Tuesday, General Paul Funk, commander, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), said the U.S. will need to dominate the information warfare between major nations.

Microsoft contractors listen to Xbox users’ chats

Motherboard spoke to several Microsoft contractors who said they were hired by Microsoft to review Xbox and Cortana voice commands to improve its services and voice recognition.

How To Save Battery Life Of Android Mobile Phones

Trying to Save Battery Life of Android Mobile Phones here is the tricks to Save Battery Life of Android Mobile Phones follows some basic things to stop your battery drain in android.

How to Increase Laptop Battery Backup and Life – Technoworld

Are you trying to Improve/Increase Laptop Battery Backup and Battery Life then here is the tips to extend/increase battery life and battery backup of laptop or pc.

How to Avoid Blue Ticks WhatsApp - Ricky bollerman - Medium

The whole world is joining in WhatsApp and sending messages through WhatsApp. Where the New Feature WhatsApp Blue has come into existence by Opening the Message the confirmation Back as to the…

iPhone 11 Models: A walk through everything we know about Apple’s upcoming offerings

The recent increase in the number of iPhone 11 leaks, revelations and surmises has given us a good glimpse on what to expect from this year’s Apple Special Event. With the iPhone 11 launch date just two weeks away, it’s time to take a walk through everything we know about this year’s lineup.

Apple’s iOS 13 Code suggests it’s testing AR Headset featuring ‘StarBoard’ mode

Apple’s iOS 13 builds include a “STARTester” app which might allow the AR headset to be used as both a head-mounted wearable, as well as a handheld device.

Can Instagram Be Your Therapist?

Instagram therapy can be as futile or as useful as reading self-help books. But just like everything new on the internet, Instagram therapy has a good and a bad side.

Space Industrialization, here we come! - Technowize

Standing two miles from Boca Chica Beach in South Texas is a 55-meter tall uncanny test article built by SpaceX. It’s no surprise that most watchers had believed it’s the construction of a large water tower during the project’s early stage. Starhopper doesn’t look like any current generation rocket by any measure or shape. Most strange of all, it’s made of stainless steel – a material that has largely fallen out of use for propellant tanks in statistics. With a minimum of 10.5% chromium content, steel’s rigidity is not in any doubt. But the alloy’s resultant force due to gravity makes it highly unsuitable for flight structures.

Wing’s drone delivery service trials and studies

Wing’s successful trials have by far established a landmark towards efforts in making drone deliveries ubiquitous, though the service still has a long way to get there.

Facebook wants to replace your smartphone with Orion AR Glasses

If you’re excited to get your hands on Facebook’s AR Glasses, you’ll have to wait for a mighty long time.

Using AI as a tool for social justice - Technowize

The promises of artificial intelligence are not entirely painted good. Last year, some of the world's top scientific minds signed a pledge that calls for "laws against lethal autonomous weapons," and never to delegate machines to take a human life.

Top Emerging Technologies of the Year | Technowize

Technowize - Best Technology Magazine brings to you a list of top emerging technologies of the year that will likely be a part of our daily lives in the years to come.

Samsung S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite Review | Technowize

Read Review on Best technology magazine : Building on the legacy of its Galaxy series, Samsung Electronics recently launched its Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite smart devices.

Best new gadgets on display at CES 2020 | Technowize

Technowize - Best Technology Magazine brings to you the coolest new gadgets spotted at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Have at it!