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Garage Door Solutions Offers The Best Commercial Doors

Garage Door Solutions in Texas offers services related to various categories of doors. Here is a list of commercial doors. Don't forget to vote for your faves.



High Speed Traffic Doors

High Speed Traffic Doors are perfect for business establishments and areas of high traffic. Garage Door Solutions’ offers HS doors that are automatic, sturdy and can be remotely controlled.


Sectional Overhead Doors

Combining ease and convenience with functionality and durability. That’s Sectional Overhead Doors. Garage Door Solutions offers a wide range of styles and specifications that are guaranteed to provide utmost protection to any business establishment here and around Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.


Rolling Steel and Sheet Doors

Rolling Steel & Sheet Doors are metal slats interlocked to each other forming a continuous hinge that roll up in a tight coil and is attached to an overhead frame installed above the opening. These doors are also attached to guides along the sides. This allows it to move up or down freely. It also makes the door sturdy, avoiding sideways movement.


Full View Aluminium Doors

Full View Aluminium Doors are both elegant and strong. They are made of thick glass plates in durable aluminium frames. This makes them the ideal commercial doors for businesses such as restaurants, boutiques, trendy retail stalls, car dealerships, fire stations, service stations, office spaces.


Rolling Grills

It is a grill-work with opening or windows that are mainly rectangular in shape. They are often installed in entrances and windows of shops, malls, banks and restaurants.


Scissor Gates

Scissor Gates are a kind of security gate that is functional and light. It usually retracts sideways which makes it easier to fold. Because of these features, they are sometimes chosen for temporary use or for supplementary protection.


Counter Rollup

The roll-up doors are heavy-duty and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The doors have metal laths which are interconnected and create an axis that rolls up in a taut coil. This spiral is fastened to an overhead structure. These are attached to scaffolds down the flanks allowing the opening to move upward and downward without difficulty.