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Parental Control

Bit Guardian Parental Control is designed to secure kids and balance their digital lives. You can manage your kids' screen time, find out what applications are being installed, block addictive apps, locate them with child GPS tracker and more.

How to track your lost Android phone?

Don't you get panicked when you suddenly realize that your kid has lost the cell phone? Bit Guardian Parental Control software that allows you to keep track of your kid’s online movements. Don't get on your nerves when kids make the honest mistake of misplacing the phone. Install Bit Guardian Parental Control application now and stay relieved.

Parental Control App for Android | Kid Tracker App | Bit Guardian

Bit Guardian Parental Control App for android lets you keep your kids safe and secure. This parental control app allows you to manage and track your child device.

Bit Guardian Parental Control - Secure & Safe Kids - Apps on Google Play

Bit Guardian Parental Control is designed to secure kids and balance their digital lives. You can manage your kids' screen time, find out what applications are being installed, block addictive apps, locate them with child GPS tracker and more.

To set up, install it on the parent device, create an account and add your kid. Then install the app on the kid’s device and log in to the app.

★Remote control app features of Bit Guardian Parental Control

App Block: Find out what apps your kids are using and control their access. Block apps you do not want them to use by allowing the Accessibility permission.

App Install Block: Prevent your kids from downloading any new app altogether.

Kiosk Mode: A remote control of your kids’ devices. Customize their home screens, allow limited apps and block everything else.

Time Schedule: Apply screen time control for different app categories like games, social, media, education and more. Except for Pick Me and SOS emergency features, block everything else on their phone during bedtime.

★Real-world safety features for kids

Panic and SOS: On the child mode, there is an SOS button. When used, the app automatically sends panic alert to the parent device with the current location so you can contact them immediately.

Note 1: The app requires DND permission (optional) to keep receiving uninterrupted panic sound alerts on your device.

Geofence & Speed (Child Location Tracker): Track kid’s outdoor locations, set virtual geographic boundaries and speed limits at which they are supposed to travel. The app sends instant notification when they cross geofences or exceed their speed limits.

Note 2: GPS can consume a lot of battery power.

★Unique features of Parental Control

Calls: You can restrict all or selected number of contacts on your kid's phone.

Anti-Theft: Locate your kid’s device on the map in case of loss or theft. You can remotely ring your kid’s phone from the parent device even in silent mode. You can also restore default settings by performing factory reset remotely from the parent device.

Note 3: To perform a factory data reset, Device Administrator permission for Bit Guardian Parental Control is needed.

Reports: Detailed reports of kids’ activities via panic, speed, geofence alerts and requests.

Requests: Get unblock app requests from kids or request to change screen time schedule and more.

Bit Guardian Parental Control lets you use the Panic Alert, App Block, App Install Block and Kiosk Mode for FREE. You can try other features like GPS, Calls, Time Schedule and Anti-theft for FREE FOR 7-DAYS.

6 Best Parental Control Apps to Monitor and Limit Screen Time

Best Parental Control Apps say that a smartphone is a remarkable invention by man. If your child uses one, they have access to a gateway.

Parental control app: Take Control Over Your Children’s Use of Technology

Are you a parent of a kid who uses smartphone and play stations? If they do, are the devices equipped with parental control? No? Well, it is time to control children’s use of technology.

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Kids safety is a parent’s responsibility, so is creating a healthy boundary around them. Exposing children to objectionable content can be dangerous. Take an active step today to set parental controls on your child’s device by setting healthy boundaries for kids on mobile devices.

5 Practical ways to Safeguard kid’s Android device

A lost phone is a lost hope. Isn’t it? More than the grief of losing the device, losing the data stored in the phone is heart-breaking. But with the advent of a parental control app, there is a good chance you can find and reset a lost Android device remotely.

Parental Control app: Manage child’s device obsession - Bit Guardian Parental Control Android App

Technology should be used cautiously otherwise results in disaster. While the internet is flooded with imperative and superfluous information, protecting kids from digital risks is something that no one (especially parents) can ignore.

How Do I Protect My Young Child From Cyber bullying?

Cyberbullying is a cruel activity and is really hard to defeat. But precaution is always better than cure. Choose the excellent parental control app- Bit Guardian Parental Control and stay worry-free.

Track your child’s smartphone activities using the Bit Guardian Parental Control App

A child’s privacy and safety are always at stake when exposed to the online world. Unknowingly, they click on malicious links and attend suspicious strangers online. It is essential to keep track of your child’s smartphone activities with Child tracker apps for Android

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Remotely manage children’s phone to protect them from online threats. Hence make a smart choice and choose the versatile parental control app- Bit Guardian Parental Control. Get it on your device today!

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So, remotely manage children's phone by using the leading parental control app for android in the market- Bit Guardian Parental Control.

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