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Cast iron beds

Cast iron beds add an aura to a bedroom and give it a new look. The elaborate attributes and design know-how to grab one’s eyeball. Metal beds are not only stylish but are durable too. Celtic Beds is one of the popular company that is known for selling the best metal beds to someone who is looking for contemporary furniture.

Metal Beds: Buy Iron Beds, Bedframe and Cast-Iron Beds online – Celtic Beds UK

Cast iron beds add an aura to a bedroom and give it a new look. The elaborate attributes and design know-how to grab one’s eyeball. Metal beds are not only stylish but are durable too. Celtic Beds is one of the popular company that is known for selling the best metal beds to someone who is looking for contemporary furniture.


Things to keep in mind before buying iron beds

Things to keep in mind before buying iron beds

The bed you pick says a lot about you. Not just it defines the entire bedroom, it is also one of the most important pieces of furniture that embrace the decor of the whole house.

With so many styles and materials available these days, what are the main features you look for while choosing any bed? It is the most comfortable option when you wish to have a retreat after a tiring day.

Therefore, when it comes to deciding on such a significant home purchase, you should focus on the things that matter most to you. Dependable durability and classic styles for elegant appearance can help to shortlist the type of beds you are looking for. Wrought iron is one of the most common yet sophisticated options which many prefers over the elaborate wooden furniture.

For those who accept nothing but the finest in terms of quality, Celtic Beds in Ireland offers the very best. Whether you want vintage bed frames or antique iron beds, they offer the very best options. Find out the most time-honoured visually appealing bed that will stand up over time, bringing you worth every penny you invested.

Consider the size of the mattress

If you already have the mattress, you have to be careful before buying the new bed frame. Generally, for a full-size mattress, you will need a double bed frame. A iron bedframe that fits one may not match the other. So make sure to keep the measurements handy before you select the final product. Also, if you want to leave some space along the rims of the bed, get that measured too. After all, comfort is the primary idea. So make sure you have the pleasure in place, in terms of that Celtic Beds would be a better and great choice.

Map the area of the room

A bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture in any bedroom. With a large bed, it can readily overpower a small room. Place your bedding on the floor to get an idea of its size. You can also mask tapes and use pillows to approximate it. Opt for a simple metal bedstead if space feels cramped. Also, choose designs that can maximize the usable space in your bedroom. A simple platform bed frame is always one of the most space-saving options. Folks can even use fancy storage boxes to expand your storage options. How about a chest of drawers under the box spring or making shelves in the headboard? It will add to the style without taking up any floor area.

Analyze the bulkiness and height of the bed

If you desire the drama of an ornate bed frame (something like the four-poster or canopy bed), get the tape measure toward the ceiling. A tall bed frame needs a high ceiling; otherwise even an extra big bedroom feel cramped. Do a little additional measuring as well if you prefer a massive metal bedframe. Disassembling and reassembling larger beds for the bedroom door is a tricky thing, so, be careful before the purchase.


The never ending buzz of metal beds

The never ending buzz of metal beds

Nothing is more appealing than slithering into a quality bed after a long, tiring day. Wrought iron beds have been the prime choice of many for style, comfort, and longevity. With a wrought iron bed, and iron bedframe your bedroom instantly reflects a feeling of elegance and chic style.

Ranging from modern to classic, Celtic Beds carry a wide variety of styles. Whether you love to create a contemporary or rustic look, you’re sure to find something that matches your style. Most iron bed models are available in all standard sizes. Just click on your choice of product and place your order!

Celtic Beds is dedicated to producing the most elegant heirloom quality iron beds and headboards without compromising on the sturdy and robust quality of the products. Our wrought iron beds are genuinely substantial as we still follow the traditional processes for casting, forging and finishing the iron beds.

This also gives our beds a superior vintage surface and quality finish making it feel more authentic than other iron beds. Choose from the wide selection of traditional antique and contemporary iron bed frames, iron and brass beds, iron canopy beds, and iron trundle beds and more. Celtic beds invest in maintaining the most exquisite designs, detailing and craftsmanship to ensure the beds bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Why go for metal beds?

When you are looking for a bed that is easy to clean and maintain while being keeping up the longevity, then you need to go in for a wrought iron metal one. Recognize that the very nature of metal is such where it can be moulded, shaped and formed into metal bedframe and turn into beautiful designs. A bed of this superior quality will outlast in the home for decades to come. With durability and widespread appeal, our beds are extremely desired in just not homes but luxurious private establishments as well.

Normal daily wear should not cause a bed to be replaced now and then. A robust frame and sturdy build are essential for families that regard their furniture as an asset. Thanks to its lower corrosion rate, the metal beds have a unique strength that holds up to the test of time. Wrought iron also allows for hand-forging, which can produce the most elaborate of designs. More importantly, these beds can be bought an affordable cost. Although the craftsmanship is intricate, the actual materials are readily available, making the price reasonable. Traditional wooden beds often lose their lustre and can even become splinter.


The furniture that never goes out of style

The furniture that never goes out of style

Wrought iron furniture or Wrought iron bed is one of the many choices you might mull over while planning for a new patio or bed. And given the popularity of this furniture, there’s no doubt how it has become one of the most preferred choices for most households across the globe.

Despite all the hype of the other kinds of materials used to build beds, the very upscale look of wrought iron cannot be overstated. The classic signature associated with the wrought iron fencing and designs has been a part of great estates for centuries.

Wrought iron was the most commonly assembled metal in the Iron Age. When iron is exposed to very high temperature, radical changes take place. The metal rapidly absorbs carbon and starts to melt because the higher carbon content lowers the melting point of the iron. It results in cast iron that comprises about 3 to 4.5 per cent carbon. With the high content of carbon, the structure makes the cast iron hard and brittle.

Why are our wrought iron beds costly

Simply said, the craftsmanship is what makes the difference. They are made by hammering the heated substantial iron parts and has no hollow tubing nor castings. They are crafted for folks who value real things, real metal beds.

Quality matters

The prices in our catalogue generally include the frame. This is because the structure and its size are significant factors if you want to create a sturdy and robust iron bed. You can get frames weighing less than 30lbs with one central support, and also have structures that have two side rails and three primary supports.

We are own example

Only experienced craftsmen can give life to any design. These skilled artisans on wrought iron are becoming rare and Celtic Beds is proud to keep up the tradition. Blacksmiths with the passion for wrought iron is not found these days very easily but this being our family-run business, continues to keep up the quality, style, and finish of their work. Maintaining the traditional old-world process, we start by keeping up the right malleability of pure iron.

Most customers want a unique piece of furniture in their bedroom. If you too are fond of classic styles and like to add to the grandeur of the interior, visit us.

You can check online or browse through the online catalogues to select, and the furniture will be sent straight to your doorstep!


Maintaining the lustre of Your Wrought Iron Beds

Maintaining the lustre of Your Wrought Iron Beds

Wrought iron furniture is available with Celtic Beds that boasts its signature style and quality. Created with the most impressive technology and intended to last a lifetime, the wrought iron beds are something that every owner would like to flaunt.

However, to properly care for your products after the investment demands some care and maintenance to keep the things in original condition. Although we specialize in making iron beds, this blog will help you find the right way to keep up the shine of the furniture even after ages.

Our products are created using hot-rolled and hot-forging techniques that leaves some scaling on the polished texture. The traditional methods of bending, forging, cutting, and welding often leaves marks of the tools on the metal. These discernible strokes and variations in the iron are the characteristics of actually handcrafted iron and make per piece distinctly unique. To maintain the elegance and lustre of the iron furniture including metal beds and other accessories, a regular buffing with a soft, lint-free cloth is recommended. Occasionally, apply furniture wax to clean and maintain the finish.

Clean and refinish wrought iron furniture

Some wrought iron beds, with the test of time, exposes the core elements. This mainly happens because of improper care or finishing. This exposure can result in rusting and corroding of the finish and ultimately impact the structure of the furniture. Although we are wrought iron bed makers, we know many love to have outdoor patio furniture of the said material. What time does to the indoor wrought iron furniture, snow and rain take a toll on the lustre and quality of the structure. While some decor or styles seek the rustic look, a rusted wrought iron set would bring a worn outlook.

Our experts know what to do

There are several options of paint types, colours and finishes for your wrought iron furniture. Before ordering something of this metal, our experts will clearly learn whether you want these for outdoors or indoors supplies. For outdoor options, there are plenty of spray paint choices that come in hundreds of colours of which metallic finishes are. There are different-grade paint or spray paint for interior furniture like beds.

All of the finishes we offer at Celtic Beds have a standard durable natural black finish. However, as we are interested in making customized furniture, you can also order some other specifications. Hand-applied premium finishes are used over a baked-on powder coat base finish. They are slightly more delicate, but you can sustain them just in the same way. To manage your finish, we recommend a regular dusting with a soft lint-free cloth.There are cleaner and polish that is sprayed on and wiped off that helps to keep up the polish. If you are looking for high gloss multi-surface polish that is non-abrasive but builds a protective coating, there are polishes available. The special wax is a simple to use spray-on wax that produces a protective and durable wax coating on your wrought iron furniture finish.


Four unmissable points in decorating a room with wrought iron bed

Four unmissable points in decorating a room with wrought iron bed

When it comes to decorating, 'Nobody Right Nobody Wrong'! That being said, we all love to make our master bedroom (or for that matter), our guest room look exemplarily beautiful.

When you have the wrought iron bed as the main piece of furniture in your bedroom, there are several ways you can decorate the left of the space in the room with Celtic Beds. Have a look:

Wall colour

Make your bedroom walls come alive with colours to flatter your wrought-iron bed. White or black, the Celtic Beds can bring a touch of the French countryside decor into your bedroom by painting the walls in soft, calm tones. Envelop your walls in shades of misty grey, watery blue, milky white, or soft green. The vibrant hues like the Mediterranean blue, terracotta red, musty violet, buttery yellow leaves an energetic vibe to space. You can also immerse your walls in natural, coastal colours like the ocean blue, sandy beige, crisp white, sea-foam green which can imprint a cottage-like appeal. Pristine white, sunflower yellow, powder blue, sage green are some of the most loved colours for the young people who wish to add vivacity to their home.

Match the bed coverings and pillows with the wall colour to highlight the antique iron bed frame


More often than not, we tend to forget how the right curtains are essential to make any room look bright and happy. Choose from the simple fabrics such as linen, lace, or cotton to create a romantic, breezy ambience to complement a white wrought-iron bed. Marry looks with practical utility - that is, layer the window treatments without compromising on the aesthetic appeal. For instance, white wooden shutters provide a cottage-feel alternative to the wooden blinds.


To enhance the simplicity of a white iron bed, many like to keep white wooden furniture pieces which have a weathered, distressed finish. Decorate your bedroom with interesting furniture pieces that are in scale with the usable floor space. Typical bedroom furnishings comprise a pair of nightstands and a dresser or chest of drawers. A small couch, cosy armchair or quilted storage bench provide comfortable seating. If you would like to add a vintage appeal get an antique bureau with a marble top or a handmade quilt draped over a wooden rack.


To enhance the visual interest and comfort level of your wrought iron bed, the most preferred (read easy) option is to get layers of cosy bed linens. Many add the cotton sheets, a down comforter, woven blankets, and plenty of plush bed pillows to make the interior look homey. Crisp white bedding appends a casual elegance keeping up the snug factor of the decor. This is because the white look can combine with any colour scheme. For instance, tabletop lamps, milk glass vases, picture frames, assorted toss pillows, wall mirrors, and furniture are some of the loved accessories that are affordable yet is no less to add elegance and chic to any place. How about laying a white shaggy area rug over bare floors to make it comfortable for the bare feet.


3 wrought iron beds to make your bedroom look classy

3 wrought iron beds to make your bedroom look classy

Elegant scrolling features adorn the eye-catchy wrought metal bed, making it a captivating addition to any space. To add a pinch of your femininity to the decor, decorate it with the floral-pattern bedding and match it with a floral canvas print for a cohesive chic look.

Iron beds of Celtic Beds give a very stylish look to your bedroom. Mixing contemporary furniture with a vintage iron bed creates a sense of luxury design. Accompanied by bright bedroom paint, the vivid colours can let the ambience ooze with positivity!

Three common looks of the wrought iron beds that can make way in every interior decor:

Classic king-sized bed

Looking for a queen-sized bed frame with a timeless look? Made with the intricate metal panels and dark matte finish, you can choose your suit from Sussex Collection, London Collection, Cornwall Collection, Hampstead Collection, Chelsea Collection, Kensington Collection and Salisbury Collection.

The design includes a headboard and a footboard along with four posts which need to be assembled.

Affordable price with easy assembling instructions is what makes these beds a preferred choice for palatial looks.

Hand-painted beds

If you’re willing to splurge for your first iron bed, check out the various white and black painted wrought iron beds. The delicate scrollwork, along with the imposing finials attributes to the grand and elegant look of these metal pieces.

Be assured of these bed frame’s sturdiness as it has a fully-welded construction. The foundry-poured aluminium castings and heavy gauge tubings make the structure last longer than you can imagine.

You can choose to get a headboard and/or a footboard.

Low-end beds

Make a great choice by selecting from the low-end beds for your bedroom furniture. For those who are on a budget and have a constraint on space can opt for these collections. The handcrafted luxury metal bed with solid metal castings make them a lifetime guaranteed product. You can choose from the six available colours to complement the existing interior decor. The design of the scrolls is such that it strikes a perfect balance of elegance and simplicity of the decor. Come out of the idée fixe that wrought iron beds are meant to be elaborate and flashy.
Get ready to sink in for a night with a bed that not only inspires relaxation and complete resting but also magnifies the aesthetics of your space. Had you have always thought of creating your sanctuary, start by anchoring the master suite with a bed which fits your style.

Add a bookcase along the footboard or shape up the feature of the room with a chest of built-in drawers.

Find out more from Celtic beds which size and look will give a bespoke decor to your bedroom.

Easy DIY steps to paint your wrought iron bed

The bed you choose for your place says a lot about the owner. While the bed gives a relaxing retreat after a tiring day, the right choice with the right interior decor sets the tone for the rest of the interior design.

When selecting on any significant home purchase, it’s essential to concentrate on the features that matter most to you. Talking particularly about beds, do you need to look for the durability or the design? The ideal option would be to look for both, and that is why wrought iron beds are such popular amongst those who love to afford luxury and blend it with the aristocracy.

Delving into the history of wrought iron furniture

During the Victorian era, these specially made wrought iron beds were handcrafted by proficient ironworkers, artisans and craftsmen. The process seems simple as ideally the iron castings were hand-poured in the sand cast moulds. With the flow of age, trends have changed the designs, but the timeless charm associated with a wrought iron bed remains.

A wrought iron bed is unparalleled in its ability to suit any home decor, from Victorian to industrial and contemporary art deco. When designing your bedroom, consider the overall impression, and you will know why wrought iron still holds the best fit!

The handpainted irons beds

Celtic Beds are one of the most trusted sellers of handpainted wrought iron beds. But as you buy one of your favourite possessions, time might leave some imprints on it.

So how do you keep the bed frame clean? How can you maintain the geometric lines and nooks impeccable even after years? Even though if you clean it routinely, chances are, the original paint will start shedding for end number of reasons. This is when you need to re-paint the iron bed.

Also, is it always possible to call in the professionals to help you do it? When there is a little dent mark or a scratch on the head, is it always possible to call in an artisan for the recovery work?
Ideally, no.

This blog might help you get the confidence to plunge into painting it! And trust us, there will be incredible joy when you get back the black metal look!

What supplies do you need?

  • Paint – Whether you will need a chalky finish or a glossy one, the choice is yours
  • Good condition paintbrush
  • Glaze or Extender
  • Proper topcoat
  • Deglosser and cleaner such as TSP (Trisodium Phosphate)
  • Rubber gloves
  • A disposable rag for the glaze application

The steps are easy to follow.

Take the bed frame apart so that you can paint them in sections. Cleanly wipe the whole structure down with a TSP mixture which also assures that the fresh paint would adhere well to the metal surface. This is a budget product that can clean off the dirt and grease while prepping a cover for a new coat of paint.

Next, work with the brush to apply the paint evenly. This needs skill, but you can do it on your own. Two coats of paint after letting the base coat dry makes the final look better.

Whether or not you want to add some glaze is entirely your choice. Rub the frame generously with a rag once the entire thing is complete.

For more inspiration, you can see the widest collection of Celtic Beds. Black, white, silver, matte, - choose the one you want to wish to give a try!

Buy Classic Beds for Your Home From Celtic Beds at Cheap Prices

When it comes to choosing furniture for your bedroom, one can claim that the bed takes away the starring role. Not only does it bring the beauty of the room together, but it is also an essential piece of furniture that will last for years to come. Hence, it is crucial to buy a bed that complements and coordinates with the other furniture in the room. Check out these extraordinarily fascinating metal beds of Celtic Beds to create a sensational and classic bedroom -

Avoca Four Poster Bed

This bed is the perfect handmade homage paid by Celtic Beds for sleepyheads where life proceeds forward slowly in the comfort lane. If you have been wondering what the reason was, you failed to enjoy a relaxing, laid back life so far it is because of the absence of this magnificent metal bed from your bedroom. The minimalist design, intriguing detailing, and exotic four-poster iron bed is enough to modify the look of your bedroom.

Avoca White Low-End Bed

This classic designer bed is curated to meet the authentic tastes of a modern man. Its captivating beauty ensures that you have the right centrepiece for your bedroom. The design and detailing of the bed prove less can be easily more. It also features long-lasting craftsmanship and comes with a gorgeous white finish.

Avoca Silver Bed

The signature look of this metal bedstead has the power to uplift the decor of any bedroom. This traditional-style bed with fascinating and minimalist detailing makes it the best choice to snuggle in. A bed frame like this will suit your lifestyle (be it more formal, casual, mid-century classic, or modern) while taking into consideration the proportion and decor of the room.

Make Your Bedroom a Gothic Haven With These Metal Beds From Celtic Beds

Are you in search of something that is enough to create a goth fashion statement? The undying love for all things that are black, punk, and Victorian which is blended to perfection with the quintessential pinch of elegance, sophistication, angst, and rebellion - you end up being a true Goth. Why not express your love for everything that is Goth within the confinements of your bedroom? Now, is the time to reflect your sense of style and nourish your Gothic creativity.

Celtic Beds will help you transform your space into a haven with the ultimate choice of beds.

Modern Gothic Black

Go ahead and spruce up your bedroom with this spectacular cast iron bed that is not only inviting and super comfy but also demonstrates patterned detailing. The beauty of the bed is such that it will instantly Gothify the look of your bedroom. The punk and Goth appeal of it will captivate your love for all things dark and remarkable. This modern style iron bed , with its relaxing realm and the comfortable vibe, is perfect for happy dreams.

Modern Gothic Antique Silver

It goes without saying that a bed will occupy the majority of your bedroom's floor space. This is one of the best metal beds and has luxurious detailing, highly comfortable appeal, and outstanding modern Gothic craftsmanship that will win over your heart. The extravagant beauty of the bed is such that it will modify the look of the bedroom with great ease.

Moreover, this particular bed from Celtic Beds demonstrates a stunning antique-style which has all the crucial elements to make it Gothic. To transform the vibe of your bedroom into a fancy, modern-day Gothic Haven, you need this bed. Magnify the beauty of your bedroom with these outstanding metal bed choices.

Best Simple Wrought Iron Bed Designs

When you make the right furniture choices for your bedroom, it not only speaks volumes about your personal preference but also ensures you have the right restful retreat after the end of a stressful, hectic day. Wrought iron beds have the potential to set a modern yet elegant tone to the bedroom.

Buying furniture for your bedroom is an important decision, and your sole focus should be on the impeccable quality of the product. Celtic Beds not only promises beautiful design, durability, and refinement but also offers you the option to stand out from the rest with classic pieces of furniture.

Wrought iron beds were a significant part of the Victorian era, and the craftsmanship projected in the eccentric iron bedframe of Celtic Beds bring about the same level of sophistication.

Blarney Black Low End

Regardless of the interiors of your bedroom - traditional or contemporary, you will realize that this wrought iron bed will exude beauty and elegance. It is an ideal choice, and it will furnish your bedroom perfectly.

This iron bed frame design will instantly spruce even the most mundane interiors. The tailored and hand-crafted beauty of it will accentuate classic styles or elegant contemporary designs.

Celtic White Hand Painted

The versatile ensemble of this wrought iron bed is available in a variety of exciting hues. It has a premium quality finish to match your bedroom decor. Keeping aside the mesmerizing aesthetic quality, this iron bed has several practical advantages.

When it comes to longevity, wrought iron beds have the potential to surpass every kind of design and material. It can also withstand the weight and will be a part of a family heirloom for generations to come. Are you ready to browse through the list of stunning choices in wrought iron beds?

Four Poster Beds to Make Your Bedroom Look Awesome

The deep-rooted beauty of a four-poster bed takes it back to the Renaissance and Middle Ages - it is truly an exclusive and eccentric piece of furniture. Throughout European history, four-poster beds have been a sign of beauty, comfort, and unbeatable charm. The unique aura of four poster iron bed is so captivating that it will blend in with every decor and magnify the look of any bedroom.

Moreover, Four Poster beds, especially from Celtic Beds, is an impressively strong choice that showcases elegance and originality. From offering an antique appeal to coming off as the primary character of the room - choosing a four-poster iron bedframe is a right choice.

Sneem Four Poster

The easiest way to create a statement design for your bedroom is by picking this dramatic bed. It is a classic piece of furniture that has graced millions of homes for ages. The renowned designers of Celtic Beds have given it a modern-day twist. It is the best choice if you wish to capture the vintage feel or want for an ultra-voguish four-poster iron bed.

Wicklow Four Poster

If you went 'wow' seeing the beauty of this bed, then you're one of many. Check out the exclusive detailing that is present on the footboard and headboard. The sturdy frame, mid-century European design, and spectacular white colour make it an absolute stunner. Your bedroom deserves a luxurious look, and this Wicklow Four Poster iron bed can offer you that look with the most exceptional ease.

Mulberry Four Poster

A fresh combination of modern material and exotic design makes this Mulberry Four Poster iron bed, one of a kind choice. The contemporary twist is brought about by the stunning black hue of the bed with a sturdy built. Add relaxing vibes to your bedroom.

Guide to Buy Wrought Iron Bed

A bed is the most important and most used furniture in your house. It also enhances the décor of your home, so the type of bed you choose is essential. However, you will find numerous types like metal beds, cast iron beds, four-poster iron beds, an iron bedstead, etc. available in the market to choose from.

Out of different types of beds, wrought iron beds are the most attractive and fashionable beds, which are mostly made from a variety of iron and alloys. The beautiful design of a wrought iron bed will give your house from contemporary to a traditional look. It is an ideal bedding style to decorate your bedroom. You can visit the metal beds official site to buy the most extraordinary-looking iron beds for your bedroom.

Buyer's Guide

Size and height of the bed

The size and height of the beds often differ depending on the manufacturer. So knowing the right size of your bedroom is essential. If your bedroom is small, you can consider buying a low height bed, and it makes your room look larger.


Knowing your budget is also essential. Purchasing a metal bed can be an expensive investment. However, many types of wrought iron beds or other iron beds can be cheaper from the wooden bed. So if your budget is low, you can buy a good quality iron bed to decorate your room.


You must know that wrought iron beds have a vintage appeal. So, it gives a more traditional look to your bedroom. At iron beds, you will find a fantastic collection of wrought iron beds.


Most wrought-iron beds are moisture-resistant, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The quality of the iron is good, and it needs very little maintenance. You must buy the best quality, wrought iron beds for durability.


Last but not least, iron beds mostly have lots of joints and fittings. You must check them properly, whether they have any cracks or defects. The durability of a wrought bed depends on the bed's frame strength.

Why Choose a Modern Wrought Iron Beds?

The bed you choose does not only complement the interior decor of your bedroom, it shows a lot about your choice at the same time. Choosing a metal bed frame can be daunting as there are many factors that you need to look upon while making the selection. Beautiful design with durability is two of the most significant features of choosing your wrought iron bed. Here are a few options that you might be happy with!

Celtic black: Elegance and beauty

The Celtic Black depicts the timelessness of the wrought iron beds that still resemble the Victorian age. It is apt for a contemporary or traditional bedroom. It is one of the elegant centrepieces, even for the most ordinary decors. The design is so fantastic that it would change the entire look and feel of your room.

Blarney White: Aesthetic and durable

This Blarney White is not just aesthetically beautiful, but it is durable enough to pass on as a family heirloom for your generations. They can withstand any amount of weight, and that won't make it suffer structurally by any chance. Thus, if you want to purchase metal beds that will last for a longer period, this would be the one for you! The designers of iron beds are well equipped, and they have laid the construction wisely, keeping all the concerns in mind.

Gothic Black: Lightweight and low maintenance

This metal bed frame will remind you of the Jacobean era with its supreme elegance. Talking about its advantages, it is lightweight and is of low maintenance too! If you are into a job where you may have to relocate yourself quite often, you can get this deal!

Now, make your best pick from the list!

Metal Bed Frame: Things That You Should Know

Are you thinking to renovate your home or room any time sooner? Metal beds are just a fantastic option in this context. They do not only enhance the ambience of your room but also saves a lot of storage arena if chosen right! To make your task even easier, here are a few things that you must consider before investing in your bed frame:

Weigh the size of your mattress

Estimate the size of the mattress that you would need before conducting the purchase. Choosing a bed frame would get a lot easier if you are aware of whether you need a full-size mattress or that of queen size. It is more particularly if you already own a mattress and you don't want to replace it.

Measure the room size

Large beds usually occupy an ample space of a room, and thus, you need to design your room space accordingly. Take a note of the items that you would put into that room, and once you can customise the arena well, get on to purchase the metal bed.

Match your room decoration

Once you have thought of buying a cast iron bed, you must look around your room to ensure that you fetch a warm and comfortable feel all around! A quilt and pillow will be more than enough to give you a cosy mood. You can do it, either way, purchase the bed and set the ambience or do it otherwise!

Celtic beds is known for owning a wide array of cast iron bed and bed frames that are sleek and minimalist, and thus, find out the one that suits you the best! Last but not least, comfort is an essential factor to note, and you should buy the one that suits your needs.


Best Hand-painted Metal Beds

Best Hand-painted Metal Beds

A bed is certainly a piece of essential furniture in a room, and it is the one to decide the energy flow of the entire place. Not just that you should be bothered about the material of the furniture, but at the same time, you should lay stress on its position in the bedroom.

Besides, the colour of the bed, its look and feel, as well as its mattress capacity, are some of the factors that people consider before buying a bed. Here are some of the best hand-painted metal beds.

Sneem Black

It has a traditional outlook and comes with a brass rail that is sneem black in the shade. Although this is an old design, it has still retained its position in the list of the most popular metal beds since centuries. It is available in solid metal casting at an extremely reasonable price range and would be a perfect fit for any room.

Celtic white hand-painted

This metal bed from Celtic beds is one of the most elegant models. One can increase the overall outlook of this bed frame by hand painting. You may opt for the colour based on the ambience of your room. Also, match it with the rest of the items that you have in your room. If you are one of those who love to get through the intricate designs or go for a product with a unique finish, this would be a great choice!

Kenmare Black hand-painted

Kenmare Black hand-painted from Celtic beds is one of the most demanding metal bed frames that are currently available in the market. It is best suited for homeowners who are planning to design their home in a contemporary outlook. Indeed, black is a fantastic colour that goes well with almost every colour. However, this bed frame is available in six other colours too!


List of Best Four Poster Metal Beds

List of Best Four Poster Metal Beds

Shopping for a bed isn't that easy when you have so many options around, and you find it difficult to settle for one. Most people usually prefer to go for the ones that are durable and will match the decor of their bedroom.

One of the most preferred varieties of a bed frame is that of a metal bedstead. They aren't just strong and durable, but also fits the interior decor of almost every room, no matter how simple or modern it is!

Sneem Four poster

When you go for purchasing a Four poster iron bed, it is quite evident that you want a durable product at the back of your mind. Metal is a solid material that is capable of withstanding a massive amount of weight, provided that it is appropriately constructed.

Once purchased, you may use this metal bed for years now! It is supposed to work great if you want to have a classic or a contemporary outlook of your room. It is not just amazing in terms of its look and feels, but at the same time, it is entirely in the budget.

Mulberry Four poster

A bedroom is a place where you would look for some peace, and thus, comfort and appearance are two of the most significant things to look for! With the right bed frame, you can have the best outlook for your bedroom.

With a Four poster iron bed, you are sure to be one of the most satisfied customers. This iron bed is super awesome and useful for any house. It's not just strong and durable, but at the same time, it comes at a competitive price edge. If you want a value for the price, go for this metal bedstead!