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Web Development Singapore

Develop Web Solution
For your end-to-end development needs, we can, as a full-stack vendor, develop your solution whether you’re new in your respective industry or pushing for the market leader position. You need to be able to move with the times and that’s what we’ve done with the introduction of tablet and mobile (JavaScript/HTML5). If you want to be available on all platforms, we have the UI-UX design and front-end development experience.


Web Application Development

Web Application Development

After speaking with many clients, we know how tricky it can be to find the right solution that meets your objectives. For this reason, we decided to go for a bespoke service everyone can use.

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From start to finish, we produce design and implement advanced web and mobile solutions.


The Delivery Flow Competitive Advantage

The Delivery Flow Competitive Advantage

With the project teams at Acmex, application delivery environment can be installed, configured, and then managed. At all times, they’ll have the main aim of transforming the web application from a simple program to one that leads the market.

In the project team, they’ll have responsibility for the whole project from the initial development to production and the end result. Through the whole life cycle, the team will essentially become a cross-functional business capabilities enabler.

To keep up with the current and future levels of innovation, our team will continuously update and deliver improvements whether this comes through new features or brand-new apps.

Regardless of your market and needs, our personalized service allows you to build a competitive advantage within your niche by utilizing the latest software and connected devices.

Whenever we’re producing a solution to a large scale, the highest-level of support will be installed and this includes fault tolerance, scalability, transaction throughput, and availability. In terms of expertise, we can offer;

By utilizing the very best (and latest) technologies, we couple this with our experience and solid practices to design and launch your applications. From machine learning solutions to social networks and even content delivery systems, we work well in large scale projects since we’re able to split key resources between each while still maintaining the highest quality.

For many years, we’ve witnessed the evolution of application technology from multi-tier architecture through SOA. Above all else, this has allowed us to engineer the move towards a microservices architecture pattern; this is quickly becoming the default practice across the industry.

While some companies feel overwhelmed by Big Data, we excel in this niche and can help to navigate this tricky area of business. From developing a strategy to implementing it in a large-scale project, we can prepare for resilience and scale to micro-batching as well as implementing event-driven processing paradigms.

With Acmex, you immediately have access to a number of open source technologies as well as container-driven alignment and integration and it all comes under one roof. Whether you want a new application to be born in the cloud or to migrate an existing solution to the cloud, both are just as possible.


Our Favourite Quote

Our Favourite Quote

Always deliver more than expected - Larry Page


Acmex - Software Company in Singapore

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A trusted information technology service providing company.

We deliver a superb user experience and outstanding functionality in all its portals.

About Web and Enterprise Portal at Acmex

Web Portal
If the business and portal are one in the same, then you need a reliable portal solution which has growth potential and is cost-efficient. Acmex has the experience and skills necessary to deliver such a solution which can help you earn new customers and serve them well.

Enterprise Portal
At an enterprise-level, we assume deployments of engagement workplaces, intranets, and extranets that are all very productive. The capability of collaboration in the workplaces is extensive and there is also social functionality, independent workflows, and the ability to retrieve collected data.


Efficient Access to Applications, Information, and Processes

Efficient Access to Applications, Information, and Processes

Acmex uses a whole range of features for portals. Each one of these features derives from various technologies, vendors, and platforms. These features allow user experiences to be integrated with transactional potential, innovative content management, and automated processes.

1/ Data Management consists of advanced searches, managing documents, managing knowledge, and supporting multiple sites.

2/ Social consists of media galleries, user profiles, the functionality of ratings and polls, and activity streaming.

3/ Collaboration consists of spaces, tools, workflows, blogs, and forums.

4/ Applications consist of payments, billing, information feeds, online learning, and forms and apps.

5/ Infrastructure consists of tracking performance, delivery based on roles, security, authentication, back office, and CMS.

6/ Infrastructure consists of viewing statistics, the intelligence of the business, information aggregation, and dashboards with analytical data.


Acmex - Web Development | Web Portal | Enterprise Portal

Implementing Innovative Portals Specifically to Meet Your Needs

We can attach a solution for a portal to numerous applications and information sources. Some of which include applying the Enterprise Service Bus and incorporating with data feeds, social collaboration tools, 3rd party web services, and payment systems.

The evolution of technology will keep on going, so your portal should keep on evolving too. Acmex creates architecture for portals that is extremely flexible. They focus on tolerating faults, increasing growth, and easily accommodating the increase in the number of users and loads.

Acmex can deliver portal solutions while being cost-effective, quick, and smooth, We’re able to do this with our DevOps strategy and our knowledge in automating deployment, building, and testing. Also, we can send newly develop features to the portal which can operate immediately.

We go out of our way to ensure that portal security is the best that it can be. We secure transactions, data access, and implement digital signature methods, data encryption, and audits.

  • We build custom and ultimate application solutions for business
    Since 2010, Acmex has been a trusted information technology service providing company. We have offered our clients an array of professional IT services such as web development, web portal development, software development, mobile app development, E-commerce, Content Management System (CMS), UI/UX design, image analysis, e-learning platform, web-based enterprise solutions and more services.

    To ensure that we provide our clients with end-to-end web solutions that are progressive and quality-based, our IT team utilizes their extensive technical experience while keeping track of the latest trends in the IT industry.


    We started as a team of 5 young designers and programmers back in 2010 at Harbourfront Centre, Singapore. Since then, with an indomitable spirit, we've been connecting the dots and assisting companies to achieve its objectives in the fast-changing world of technology. In 2017, we officially founded ACMEX.

    It stands for "A company that makes everything" possible and the "X" is about intersections; we believe that various perspectives, working as a team, increase efficiency and deliver exponentially better outcomes. Over the years, we've learned that experience and skills (training) need to combine for unparalleled results which is why we've hand-picked specialists to provide high-quality solutions.

    Although our clients are all unique, they all have a similar goal; to create software that will generate income, streamline the business, and allow for more efficient communication channels. With our up-to-date knowledge, we can call upon at any time, we work efficiently to meet the individual needs of the client rather than working off a generic script.

    To be the world's most trusted and respected technology services brand.

    Our Vision
    In order to accomplish our mission, Acmex has established a series of goals that we strive to achieve. This helps us work harder to give you the results that you want and these goals include:

    a) Allowing each member of the team to feel inspired, so that they can work in an environment that is comfortable for them
    b) Coming up with better ways to satisfy the demands of customers as well as figuring out what those needs may be in the future
    c) Building partnerships within a successful network of professionals and establishing loyalty with them
    d) Creating and supporting global communities
    e) Understanding our responsibilities
    f) Running a fast-paced organization with high productivity

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